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Buying Bulk Landscape Supplies Saves You Money Over Bagged

Buying Bulk Landscape Supplies

Shopping around for landscape supplies should be easy and fair.    At Soil Kings, we have all our products and prices on our website, displayed for all to see along with clear photos. If you order from us, the price is easily calculated and there are never any hidden charges. Also, unlike if you buy Read more

How Clay Can Help Your Landscaping

Clay Landscaping

When looking at laying a foundation for your landscaping needs, the last thing on your mind would be something like clay. This substance that is often used in construction applications may come across as unruly, sticky and hard to work with, however, clay and clay-based soils are a super tool for your garden and will Read more

Should You be Top-Dressing Your Lawn?

Top-Dressing Your Lawn

Whether we like it or not, even a pristine lawn can be subject to the elements. One year your yard is looking immaculate and then the minute the snow thaws something almost unrecognizable emerges. It’s a pain many have felt, but luckily, it is not permanent.    Top-dressing is a system that is essentially spot Read more

When to Use a Garden Mix vs. Aged Compost

Garden Mix Aged Compost

As summer now reaches full swing, many who are tending to their gardens are venturing into bigger and more ambitious projects. While this is the natural progression of anyone who sports a green thumb, it’s always important to remember that not all soils do the same job and if you’re aiming for bigger and bolder Read more

How Soil Kings Makes Your Order Easy

Soil Kings Easy

When it comes to your landscaping goals, we know that obstacles can — and more often than not — will get in the way. Your ambitions require as little disruption as possible, which is why we make the procurement of landscaping supplies as easy and seamless as possible.   We not only have a robust Read more

The Best Soils for Different Gardens

Best Soils

When it comes to building your garden, variety is something that is never in short supply. However, just because you have near unlimited tools at your disposal does not mean they all work in the same way. Careful research is the best way to make sure that your garden is built on a foundation that will Read more

Surprising Ways to Use Stones in your Landscaping

Use Stones Landscaping

Like any example of art, framing is everything. So when it comes to how you frame and display your outdoor space, you should take into consideration the tools you have at your disposal. This is where the use of large and small stones comes into play. Whether it is a small collection of colourful rocks Read more

Keep Your Garden Healthy With Mulch

Keep Your Garden Healthy

Every garden needs good security — not only that — but also guaranteed protection and the means to thrive. Mulch can help keep your garden healthy!   That’s why our mulch products are built with one thing in mind, and that’s making sure your garden is protected from the elements, while also keeping soil temperatures Read more

All About Aged Compost and Why We Love It

Aged Compost

Keeping your garden in working order over the summer is a tough endeavour. The summer heat and rain are variables beyond anyone’s control and in order to keep your garden in tip-top shape, you’re going to need aged compost that can provide your plants with the nutrients they’ll need to face the elements.    That’s Read more

Why You Should Add Worm Castings to Your Garden

Add Worm Castings to Your Garden

When it comes to aggregates for your garden there are a variety of approaches one can take to maintain your landscaping goals. However, for the health of your garden, a strong foundation that offers protection is key.  That’s why when it comes to selecting soil to build your garden needs, adding worm castings is often Read more

Choosing The Best Decorative Rocks for Your Project

The Best Decorative Rocks

Setting up the right kind of aggregate is crucial to laying the groundwork for any outdoor project.  If soil and plant life are the paint for your landscaping project, then aggregates are the borders of the canvas, allowing you a visual reference for what to do, where to do it and what the borders of Read more

Our Favourite Landscaping Trends 2022

Favourite Landscaping Trends

As this year’s thaw hits our province, so do new techniques and applications in modern landscaping trends. Applications that have emerged over the last few years are coming into their own and are now dominating the playing field of modern landscaping procedures.  With these trends taking form, now has never been a better time to Read more

What to Do in Your Edible Garden After the Summer Harvest

Edible Garden

We put a lot of time into our gardens to ensure the best results. Even those of us with a seeming knack for growing plants still have to attend to the many rigours and tasks involved in getting ripe and delicious fruits and vegetables. Preparing feels like way more than half the battle. But, the Read more

The Benefits of Worm Castings

The Benefits of Worm Castings - Soil Kings - Landscaping Supplies - Featured Image

There has been a lot of talk about worm castings in recent years, but they still manage to skirt just outside the mainstream. More people than ever know there are potential benefits, but it has not yet become a staple of the gardening experience. Still, this public unfamiliarity is unlikely to last too much longer, Read more

Make Sure Your Perennials Are Ready for Next Year

Make Sure Your Perennials Are Ready for Next Year - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscaping Supplies- Featured Image

If you haven’t already heard the bad news, they’re predicting a frigid winter with lots of snow in much of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. With the prairie provinces about to be blasted with cold, it’s no surprise that we’re hearing from many homeowners asking what landscaping supplies they need to protect their perennials from the Read more

Best Purposes for Mulch

Best Purposes for Mulch - Soil Kings - Landscaping Supplies Calgary - Featured Image

We can’t say enough good things about mulch. While aggregates can also be used to control weeds (and they’re also great for draining water away from around the house), there are some jobs where mulch is simply the right tool for the job. Here are just a few of the places where mulch performs best. Read more

Setting Up a Good Dog Run — What Aggregates to Use and Why

Setting Up a Good Dog Run — What Aggregates to Use and Why - Soil Kings - Landscaping Supplies Calgary - Featured Image

Dogs are the best but at some point, even the most enthusiastic dog owner gets sick and tired of cleaning up dog poop from all corners of the yard. The solution? An easy to clean dog run which keeps all the poop in one place, so you can enjoy your yard again.   How Large? Read more

Fall Landscaping Chores to Remember this Fall

Fall Landscaping Chores to Remember this Fall - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscaping Supplies - Featured Image

Autumn is short in Calgary, but it’s on its way, which means there’s a lot of fall cleaning to get done in a short amount of time. While some chores, like raking up the dead leaves and picking up any rotten apples stay top of mind, other important autumn chores tend to get forgotten in Read more

Any Old Dirt Won’t Do — Why to Buy High-Quality Soil for Landscaping

Any Old Dirt Won't Do — Why to Buy High-Quality Soil for Landscaping - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscaping Supplies - Featured Image

Established Calgary landscapers know the worth of good dirt and how it helps their clients’ plants thrive for years, leaving a trail of happy customers to spread word of mouth reviews. But for new landscapers or homeowners who are just starting to dabble into personal landscaping, buying cheap dirt seems like an obvious way to Read more

Mulch vs. Decorative Rock for Landscaping Design

Mulch vs. Decorative Rock for Landscaping Design - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscaping Supplies - Featured Image

When it comes to adding a finishing flourish to your landscaping, mulch and aggregates are both obvious options. They both bring vivid colours and interesting textures to your landscaping. They both help to insulate soil from wind and reduce temperature fluctuations, and (with sufficient depth) they both prevent weeds from growing. So how does a Read more

Keeping Your Soil Healthy

Keeping Your Soil Healthy - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscaping Supplies - Featured Image

It’s easy to look at dirt as something dead and in infinite supply. But good topsoil is a living material. It’s full of living microorganisms, insects, worms, organic material, and more which all work symbiotically to create an excellent growing medium for plants. And just like all living things need to be fed, watered, and Read more

When to Use Garden Mix vs. Compost

When to Use Garden Mix vs. Compost - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscaping Supplies - Featured Image

With so many Albertans at home, it’s no wonder that many Canadians are venturing into gardening for the first time. A common question we hear from these new gardeners is: what exactly is the difference between garden mix and compost — and (more to the point) when do you use one instead of the other? Read more

Keeping Your Garden Healthy During the Summer

Keeping Your Garden Healthy During the Summer - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscaping Supplies Calgary - Featured Image

The climate in Calgary can make keeping a garden healthy all summer long more than a little challenging. We know that won’t stop anyone from trying — Albertans are up to any challenge. But while perseverance and grit will take you a long way, a little bit of knowledge can make the road to success Read more

Why Do We Offer So Many Different Types of Soil?

Why Do We Offer So Many Different Types of Soil? - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscaping Supplies Calgary - Featured Image

One question we hear at Soil Kings surprisingly often is, why do we offer such a range of different types of soil? From our KINGS Premium Garden Mix on one end of the spectrum to unscreened, raw loam on the other, it’s true that you can pretty much find any type of soil product you’re Read more

Which Decorative Rock Suits Your Property’s Style?

Which Decorative Rock Suits Your Property's Style? - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscaping Supplies - Featured Image

As with all decisions about which landscaping materials to choose for your property, which rocks will best complement your home and yard is going to depend a lot on what sort of design and style you’re trying to achieve. At the moment, minimalist and contemporary landscaping designs are the most popular and influential. But many Read more