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Buying Bulk Landscape Supplies Saves You Money Over Bagged

Buying Bulk Landscape Supplies

Shopping around for landscape supplies should be easy and fair. 


At Soil Kings, we have all our products and prices on our website, displayed for all to see along with clear photos. If you order from us, the price is easily calculated and there are never any hidden charges. Also, unlike if you buy bagged products, you pay for the delivery separate, you do not pay it for every cubic yard of material you order!


Bagged products are handy when squirrelling away landscape supplies, however, they can be costly, hard to handle (if you think you can lift that bag you cannot) and even more difficult to maintain. We all know the sensation of grabbing a bag of potting soil or other bagged supplies and having it rip open, costing you time and resources. Also, after you have finally removed the material from the bag and put it in place at your home, you are left with a dirty plastic bag that you have absolutely no use for!


That’s why it’s best to buy in bulk if you’re looking into taking on a new landscaping endeavour. Let’s say you have calculated you need 4 cubic yards of material for your project. If could be soil, mulch, gravel, washed rock, sand, doesn’t matter. If you order in bulk from Soil Kings, you will pay for your 4 cubic yards using the easily found cubic yard price, and then you pay a flat rate delivery fee for anywhere in Calgary based on your choice to receive one product from us. 


If you wanted to get the same 4 cubic yards in (bad for the environment) plastic bags, they would charge you the same amount for each bag, which means they include a delivery fee on every bag! Why? They only drive to your house once! Soil Kings drives with its bulk delivery once, and only charges once. This is just the fair way to do things. This is one way you save money using our bulk supplies. For most products, in this 4 cubic yard example, you would save at least $250 buying in bulk!


If you’re looking for the right kind of bulk landscape supplier, look no further than Soil Kings! We’ll make sure you always have the right tools for the job.