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How Clay Can Help Your Landscaping

Clay Landscaping

When looking at laying a foundation for your landscaping needs, the last thing on your mind would be something like clay. This substance that is often used in construction applications may come across as unruly, sticky and hard to work with, however, clay and clay-based soils are a super tool for your garden and will provide you with a solid foundation to build your next project on. 


While clay doesn’t sport the highest ratio of nutrients and compounds when compared to compost or soil mixtures, it does, however, have its own bag of tricks. Think of clay solutions as an incubator for what you put into your garden. Its natural makeup allows it to take in and maintain all the nutrients, fertilizer and pesticides that you put into your garden. So if you are looking into having an outdoor space that doesn’t require the same degree of maintenance as others, clay is the way to go. 


Additionally, while on the subject of self-sufficiency, clay also holds an incredible amount of moisture. Whether it is the water you give your garden or the rain from the sky, a clay base or clay-infused soil will hold onto every drop and provide your garden bed and plant life with additional hydration, giving you an extra layer of protection, in even the most intense summer heat. 


For plants or vegetables, clay functions as an anchor to your flora. In essence, it holds the roots that descend into your garden’s foundation and keeps them secure in the face of the elements, meaning your garden can take just about anything, without running the risk of your plants being uprooted. 

We have a wide variety of clay-based solutions to offer, so contact us today and find out how we can help get you started.