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When to Use Garden Mix vs. Compost

When to Use Garden Mix vs. Compost - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscaping Supplies - Featured Image

With so many Albertans at home, it’s no wonder that many Canadians are venturing into gardening for the first time. A common question we hear from these new gardeners is: what exactly is the difference between garden mix and compost — and (more to the point) when do you use one instead of the other?


Compost is fully or partially-decayed organic (previous-living) matter that can be used as plant fertilizer. At Soil Kings, our quality, pure compost is carefully aged using organic methods to provide a nutrient punch without the acidity typical of other composts.


Compost is a potent plant food, and most plants won’t appreciate being planted in pure compost. Instead, compost needs to be blended into your existing soil at a ratio of 1 part compost to 5 parts soil. In general, we recommend compost as a soil augment for gardeners who already have established garden beds and who simply need to improve the quality of their existing topsoil.


Garden soil mixes are pre-blended, top quality, screened loam with other soil amendments. Typically, premium garden soil mixes will include a blend of compost and mulch in a nutrient-rich soil base. At Soil Kings, we use the finest twice-screened loam in the Calgary area to create our garden mixes. Our 70/30 basic garden mix is a fantastic, affordable soil blend. Made from 70% double-screened loam and 30% superior, aged compost, our basic garden soil mix will serve any flower and garden beds admirably.


Gardeners looking for something extra special may prefer our KINGS Premium garden mix. This special mix is crafted from 50% double-screened loam and 50% soil amendments (a perfected blend of compost and fine mulch). Fine mulch is the natural complement of compost. The mulch works to increase the soil’s water retention, but they also gradually decay, serving as a slow-release meal for your plants over the next year.


So there you have it. Compost is used to improve existing soil in flower and garden beds. Garden soil mixes are used when creating new beds. We hope that helps answer your questions. Whether you need compost or garden soil, you can order either (or both!) online at Soil Kings today! Order today and have your landscaping supplies delivered tomorrow.