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Any Old Dirt Won’t Do — Why to Buy High-Quality Soil for Landscaping

Any Old Dirt Won't Do — Why to Buy High-Quality Soil for Landscaping - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscaping Supplies - Featured Image

Established Calgary landscapers know the worth of good dirt and how it helps their clients’ plants thrive for years, leaving a trail of happy customers to spread word of mouth reviews. But for new landscapers or homeowners who are just starting to dabble into personal landscaping, buying cheap dirt seems like an obvious way to cut some corners and stay in budget but it’s not.


What Makes Good Soil?

Dirt may be everywhere, but not all soil is created equal. The best landscaping loam needs a careful balance of chemical, physical, and biological factors in order to best support plants. We’re all familiar with ideas like crop rotation and resting tired land — this is because the soil is more akin to living things than a rock. Landscaping that includes thriving lawns and beds needs healthy, nourishing soil to make it happen.


  • Chemical — When considering the chemical properties of your soil, the pH is one of the most important factors. Different plant life thrives in different pHs. Some love acidic soil; others need more neutral land. When you choose high-quality soil from a reputable company, like Soil Kings, you know you’re getting loam with an optimal pH for the widest variety of plant life.
  • Physical — The more similarly sized the individual grains of soil are, the easier it is for plants to grow. Their roots are able to more smoothly navigate the dirt, and water and air can circulate more deeply. For this reason, Soil Kings offers the finest screened soil in the Calgary area. Our more fine screens ensure more consistent soil texture, with no large rocks, lumps, roots, etc.
  • Biological — From the microorganisms present to how many earthworms call your soil home, biological factors are key to boosting plants from just surviving to thriving. Plants evolved to live symbiotically with soil critters, and they also need a steady stream of composting nutrients in order to grow, flower, and produce fruit. When choosing the best soil for your flower and garden beds, it pays to not overlook the biological factors.


When it comes to landscaping, the fact of the matter is: you could choose any old dirt, but you won’t be doing yourself any favours in the long run. Tired dirt will need a lot of TLC over the next few years to become productive. Or, you could just start with top quality soil from the get-go, leaving your clients (or your spouse) ecstatic with the results.


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