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Bowcrow Mulch™ (pine & spruce mixture)

Soil Kings is pleased to offer this completely natural mulch made from an aromatic blend of shredded pine and spruce bark. This mulch naturally retains soil moisture, reducing water consumption. During hot summers, it insulates your plants by controlling soil temperature, keeping roots viable. It also deters weed growth when applied at a thickness of greater than two inches.


$45 per cubic yd + delivery


$45 per cubic yd

Cedar Mulch

Soil Kings is pleased to offer top quality, red cedar mulch by the cubic yard for pickup or delivery. This is one of the most aromatic and durable landscaping mulches on the market. The shredded fibre nature of the product makes it one of the most wind resistant mulches available — perfect for Calgary. Cedar Mulch also has natural herbicide and antifungal properties which help control weeds and prevent mushrooms. Well suited for tree and shrub beds.


$55 per cubic yd + delivery


$55 per cubic yd

Black Premium Mulch

This mulch is made up of wood chips that are dyed black with all-natural vegetable based colourants. Coloured mulch will typically maintain its base colour for a minimum of three years.


$55 per cubic yd + delivery


$55 per cubic yd

Red Mulch

Very similar to the Black Premium Mulch, this mulch is made from wood pieces and coloured red using an all-natural, vegetable-based dye that gives a striking, red color. Coloured mulch should maintain its base red colour for at least three years. Remember, you can always top up your mulch each season with a pickup or delivery from Soil Kings.


$55 per cubic yd + delivery


$55 per cubic yd

Parkland Premium Plus™

Another new mulch at Soil Kings,  Parkland Premium Plus™ is made of pine & spruce bark (similar to our original, natural pine & spruce bark mulch), but Parkland Premium Plus™ is ground finer and has smaller pieces overall. A very clean mulch, mostly brown in colour, Parkland Premium Plus™ has less fines than other shredded bark mulches. This mulch is very effective at retaining soil moisture and insulating your plants.


$60 per cubic yd + delivery


$60 per cubic yd

Montane Garden Mulch

This extremely fine mulch has a beautiful aroma and should ideally be used in areas where it is somewhat sheltered from the wind and other elements. Delivery Only


$60 per cubic yd (Delivery Only)


Delivery Only

Why Buying Mulch in Calgary is Beneficial?

Mulch serves as a versatile landscaping material for nurturing lawns, safeguarding the soil, and elevating the aesthetic charm of outdoor spaces. It comes in diverse varieties, ranging from organic options like wood chips, grass clippings, and compost, to inorganic alternatives such as rocks, stones, and rubber.

Advantages of buying mulch:

  • Weed management. Both brown and black mulches create a protective shield against sunlight, thwarting the germination of weed seeds and impeding the growth of existing weeds by depriving them of essential light.
  • Moisture preservation. Utilizing mulch aids in conserving soil moisture by minimizing water evaporation. It also regulates soil temperature, ensuring coolness in hot climates and warmth during colder seasons.
  • Soil preservation. Mulch shields the soil from erosion triggered by wind and rainfall, while also mitigating soil compaction by reducing foot traffic and minimizing disturbances. Bark mulch contributes to soil conservation while enhancing the visual appeal of your garden.
  • Nutrient enhancement. Organic mulches like leaves, grass clippings, and wood chips gradually decompose, enriching the soil with essential nutrients. This natural process enhances soil fertility and fosters robust plant growth.

At Soil King’s website, you can buy mulch in Calgary at an affordable price. Different options and types of mulch are available.

Types of Mulch

Mulch comes in diverse forms, including:

  1. Organic mulch. Derived from natural materials like leaves, grass clippings, straw, bark, and wood chips, organic mulch gradually breaks down, enriching the soil with vital nutrients. It’s well-suited for vegetable gardens and flower beds.

  2. Inorganic mulch. Crafted from non-decomposing materials such as pebbles, stones, and gravel, inorganic mulch is ideal for areas susceptible to erosion or where water conservation is a priority.

  3. Synthetic mulch. Fashioned from plastic or rubber, synthetic mulch boasts durability and doesn’t decompose. It’s a practical choice for high-traffic zones like playgrounds and pathways.

How to Use Mulch?

Applying mulch is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to effectively apply mulch to your garden:

  1. Soil preparation. Begin by clearing the soil of any weeds or debris and ensuring it’s leveled. If the soil is dry, water it thoroughly prior to mulching.

  2. Mulch selection. Choose the most suitable mulch for your garden in Calgary, considering the specific requirements of your plants and the characteristics of your soil.

  3. Application. Spread the mulch evenly over the soil surface, ensuring thorough coverage. Leave a small gap around the base of plants to prevent moisture-related issues like rotting.

  4. Maintenance. Regularly inspect the mulch layer and add more as needed to maintain an optimal thickness. It’s advisable to replace the mulch annually to uphold its effectiveness.

Check out our selection of mulch in Calgary for your upcoming landscaping needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The amount of mulch required is contingent upon the area's dimensions you aim to cover and the desired depth of application. A general guideline suggests applying 2 to 3 inches of mulch over the soil surface.

Yes, Soil Kings also offers mulch at an affordable wholesale price in Calgary, which is a cost-effective solution for large landscape projects.

As mentioned earlier, mulch is crafted from a variety of organic and inorganic substances.

Ordering mulch delivery in Calgary saves you time and effort by having your chosen mulch conveniently delivered to your doorstep, ready for use in your landscaping projects.