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Natural Pine & Spruce Bark Mulch **SALE**

**SALE** $40 per cubic yd + delivery

Soil Kings is pleased to offer a completely natural mulch — an aromatic blend made of shredded pine and spruce bark. This mulch naturally retains soil moisture, reducing water consumption. It also insulates your plants by controlling soil temperature, keeping roots viable during hot summers. It also deters weed growth when applied at a thickness of greater than two inches.

Black Premium Mulch **SALE**

**SALE** $40 per cubic yd + delivery

This mulch is made up of recycled wood chips. Dyes used as colorants are derived from naturally occurring vegetable and mineral materials. The coloured mulch will typically maintain its base colour for a minimum of three years.

Cedar Mulch **SALE**

**SALE** $40 per cubic yd + delivery

Soil Kings is pleased to offer top quality red cedar mulch by the cubic yard for pickup or delivery. This is one of the most aromatic and durable landscaping mulches on the market. The shredded fibre nature of the product makes it one of the most wind resistant. Cedar Mulch has natural herbicide and anti-fungal properties, controls weeds and lasts…while you enjoy the cedar aroma. Well suited for tree and shrub beds.