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Our Favourite Landscaping Trends 2022

Favourite Landscaping Trends

As this year’s thaw hits our province, so do new techniques and applications in modern landscaping trends. Applications that have emerged over the last few years are coming into their own and are now dominating the playing field of modern landscaping procedures. 

With these trends taking form, now has never been a better time to take advantage of our bulk landscaping services and get the jumpstart on new plans for your home and garden.

Here are just a few new trends of 2022 that we can’t wait to help you get started with. 


Home + Garden 

Spring and summer are opportune times to really show off aspects of your landscaping prowess, however, why restrict this to just the perimeter of your home? The natural splicing of home and garden designs are becoming more and more common, and allow those with a creative edge to showcase how they can make aspects of their home flow into their outside spaces. 

By utilizing our soil and aggregate services, you can set the perimeters and thresholds of your home and garden to match your home’s designs, offering you an experience where your household flora works in tandem with indoor spaces. This can be achieved by using high-quality soil for indoor ‘garden rooms’ which lead to the entrance to your outdoor garden, or by using aggregates to mesh seamlessly with the perimeters of your outdoor space.

No matter what trend you’re aiming for, our services match your ambitions. 


Green in All Ways 

Climate impact is a concern for anyone operating within outdoor fields, and your garden should reflect your keen values. 

Make your garden climate-safe by utilizing our services. Whether this is in the form of an aggregate barrier meant to prevent any risk of fire spread, choosing a soil that can help bolster drought-resistant plants, or finding the right kind of soil foundation that aids in the growth of plants that aid in water retention. 

Our services are ready to help your garden against uncertain climate shifts.


Flora Helps Fauna

Looking to attract some more of your outdoor neighbours to your home and garden during these warm months? We can help. 

Whether it’s supplying soil that helps in the growth of pollen heavy plants or the application of sections that encourage soil health, we have a thorough understanding of how to make a garden more hospitable for all walks of life, especially those on four legs or buzzing about!

Looking to make your outdoor space the highlight of your 2022? Trust us to be there for you and visit soilkings.com to get all of the necessary landscaping supplies to make your projects a reality.