Frequently Asked Questions

How does Soil Kings deliver its landscape supply products? IN BULK (no bags) USING OUR DUMP TRUCKS! (Details below)

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Soil Kings ONE product delivery: $110 within Calgary.
Can be up to 12yds of soil/mulch OR up to 10yds of gravel/rock/sand.

Soil Kings TWO product delivery: $190 within Calgary
Can be up to 12yds of soil/mulch and up to 10yds of gravel/rock/sand. OR, up to 24yds soil/mulch OR up to 20yds gravel/rock/sand.

Soil Kings has a fleet of 10 dump trucks of various sizes to make deliveries.

That allows us to offer NEXT BUSINESS DAY DELIVERY without fail! The only thing that will delay your next day delivery order is inclement weather. If your delivery is scheduled for a day when it rains or snows, we simply re-schedule the delivery to the day of your choice.

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We have a minimum charge of $40 for any product, any truck (except free fill) when picking up at our site.
For example, if you pick up 1 or 2 cubic yards of screened topsoil ($15/yd), we will charge you $40. This is the cost for the product. There is no charge for loading it onto your truck or trailer.
We cannot load covered trailers, cube vans, etc. Material must be loaded from the TOP of the vehicle or trailer.
A half-ton truck can usually hold between 1-2 cubic yards of soil or garden mix. A smaller pickup truck can hold about one cubic yard. A cubic yard of soil weighs about one tonne.
We are open Monday-Saturday weather permitting — if there has been significant rain, please check the home page at and it will be posted if we are closed due to weather.


Delivery is by bulk in our dump trucks.
Trucks hold a maximum of 12 cubic yards of topsoil, garden mix or mulch OR 10 yds of aggregates.
Truck will drop material at your desired location (eg. driveway, front yard, back alley) providing there is enough space for the truck to drive there.

THE DELIVERY FEE ENTITLES YOU TO ONE DROP LOCATION. Once the tailgate opens and the material is dumping out the back, it cannot be stopped.
Trucks cannot flip material over fences or walls. Trucks require 10 feet of width space to get through gates or tight areas.
All deliveries within curb line at homeowner’s risk.

PLEASE place down a tarp or mark an X or other indicator showing exact delivery location desired.
AM delivery not guaranteed. For example, if you are starting a project Friday at 8am, please order delivery for Thursday afternoon.
You do not have to be home at time of delivery.
If drop location is a back alley, please ensure no power lines are above your drop location.

How big a pile is my order of X cubic yards going to be?
Here is a pile of 8 cubic yards of screened topsoil (use to help determine how big a pile your order will be)