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Surprising Ways to Use Stones in your Landscaping

Use Stones Landscaping

Like any example of art, framing is everything. So when it comes to how you frame and display your outdoor space, you should take into consideration the tools you have at your disposal. This is where the use of large and small stones comes into play. Whether it is a small collection of colourful rocks or a pebble walkway — stones can be both the canvas and paint for your outdoor space. 


Stones — much like the actual plant life — can provide a wide amount of colour and variety to your outdoor space. You can use them to frame segments of your garden, line pathways or use them to draw the gaze of the observer. 


Now, this may sound fancy but no art degree is required to utilize colour and spacing! Simply take a look at how your garden is shaping up and see what can be complemented by the use of stones. Warm colours through beach stones and river rocks add a soothing element to your garden, where white stones like marble chips and pebbles are ideal for forming a walkway or perimeter — which is easy to spot and follow. 


Stone use isn’t strictly aesthetic in landscaping, as they can be applied for functionality as well. Stones are ideal for preventing grass from overtaking your outdoor space or water seeping in. Additionally, if you’re building your garden on a slope, stones are perfect for keeping soil in place, so you don’t run the risk of having it (quite literally) all go downhill. 


Regardless of how you’re thinking of using stones in your landscaping, our team can help in your selection and the best ways to use it. Order your products online or visit us at our yard to get all of the aggregates that you need!