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When to Use a Garden Mix vs. Aged Compost

Garden Mix Aged Compost

As summer now reaches full swing, many who are tending to their gardens are venturing into bigger and more ambitious projects. While this is the natural progression of anyone who sports a green thumb, it’s always important to remember that not all soils do the same job and if you’re aiming for bigger and bolder projects, it’s important to know what is going to work for you. 


If you’re tinkering with something that would require a compost base, it’s best to know exactly what purpose it serves and how it should be fully utilized. Our quality compost is exactly what a refined compost product should be, aged via tried and true organic methodologies. These mixtures offer your plant life the nutritious punch they require. 


While compost is essentially a superfood for plants, its potency is something that may be a touch too intense to plant your flowers or veggies in outright. That’s why it’s essential to follow the standard compost ratio when embarking on your gardening ventures, strictly adhering to the 1 to 5 ratio of compost versus your soil of choice. 


In essence, it’s best to add compost to your garden once it is already established.


Garden mix on the other hand is a pre-batched mixture made up of loam and other soil amendments. Ideal garden mixes already have compost thrown into the batch, so half of the job is already taken care of. These mixtures will provide any garden bed with the nutrients they need to thrive, whether you are in the planting stage or beyond. 

We also provide a premium garden mix, which incorporates a higher volume of premium loam and compost solutions. This will provide any garden beds with a solid boost and ensure that your outdoor ambitions go off without a hitch!