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The Best Soils for Different Gardens

Best Soils

When it comes to building your garden, variety is something that is never in short supply. However, just because you have near unlimited tools at your disposal does not mean they all work in the same way. Careful research is the best way to make sure that your garden is built on a foundation that will not only yield success but also prove sustainable in the long run. Before you get started on whatever project you’re aiming to accomplish this summer, it’s best to do a little bit of homework beforehand. 


It’s best to know the building blocks of soil, and what you’ll often find in abundance in soil, silt and clay. Loamy soil is a balanced mixture that is ideal for more boilerplate gardening, such as potted plants or flowers. 


If you’re tinkering with veggies, looking into a mixture that holds a touch more sand will help root veggies thrive in their conditions. Sand may not be as nutrient-heavy as other soils but they provide a great bed for vegetables and when mixed with the right kind of compost, it will help hold moisture and nutrients just as good as any garden mixture. 


On the subject of veggies, a silt heavy soil is ideal for holding moisture, and much like sand, when mixed with compost and other garden mixtures, you’ll start to see your fruits and vegetables thrive. 


Acidity and balance need to be taken into account when cultivating the right kind of garden. Take a look at the balances in our soil to help you decide what’s right! Whether it is clay-heavy soil for shrubs or peaty soil and its impact on garden PH, our team is always here to help you get the best soils for your garden.