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Why You Should Add Worm Castings to Your Garden

Add Worm Castings to Your Garden

When it comes to aggregates for your garden there are a variety of approaches one can take to maintain your landscaping goals. However, for the health of your garden, a strong foundation that offers protection is key.  That’s why when it comes to selecting soil to build your garden needs, adding worm castings is often the best solution. 


This organic fertilizer is the byproduct of earthworms, and while worm poop may not sound all that glamorous, it is the best way to offer your plants the nutrients and protection they need to thrive. 


What worm castings do when added to your landscaping is provide your gardening foundation with ideal drainage as well as substantial levels of soil enrichment. Our worm castings are available for pick-up and delivery and are purpose-built to be ‘nature’s perfect plant food.’ 


This completely natural product has ten times the normal amount of nutrients found in traditional compost. However, worm castings should be used in a measured amount with high-quality soil in a 1:4 ratio – 1 part castings and 4 parts soil.


Upon proper mixing, this solution will excel at water retention, as well as boost soil aeration and will provide further nutrients to the soil for your plants to thrive. Plus, they are safe for even the most delicate plants! 


These castings also prevent your garden from getting overwhelmed by pests, such as aphids or spider mites, and with spring blossoming, you’ll want to make sure your garden’s foundation is secure from any pests that may throw off your landscaping and gardening ambitions that you have set for the summer. 


Get started with your worm castings project today and ask our team of experts how to incorporate it seamlessly into your next garden project. 


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