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Using Aggregates to Create a Space That Stands Out

More people than ever see the beauty of aggregate, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Small, medium and large-sized rocks can contribute so much to a garden. They are a stunning aesthetic addition, and they can be functional in many different applications as well.  If you are interested in learning how to use aggregate in Read more

The Difference Between Topsoil and Compost

Understanding the different components of your garden beds is an integral part of becoming a better gardener. Fertilizer, topsoil, compost and mulch may all bear similarities to one another, but each is a distinct product with a specific purpose. Additionally, they all require certain conditions to be most effective, making it essential to understand the Read more

When & Why to Add Compost to Your Garden

When and Why to Add Compost to Your Garden

Anyone with a basic understanding of gardening has heard of compost, but some are still scared to use it. Caring for anything can be a tough and emotional experience, and the idea of introducing a foreign substance that could potentially harm or destroy your hard work is not always appealing.  Why You Should Add Compost Read more

How to Choose Mulch or Aggregates for Your Garden

How to Choose Mulch or Aggregates for Your Garden - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscape Supplies - Featured Image

Not only are there many different kinds of mulch and aggregates available, but both products serve different purposes. This makes choosing the right one for your garden or landscaping project an important decision. Let’s first discuss the reasons that you may want or need mulch and aggregates, and then the scenarios where each one is Read more