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How Soil Kings Makes Your Order Easy

Soil Kings Easy

When it comes to your landscaping goals, we know that obstacles can — and more often than not — will get in the way. Your ambitions require as little disruption as possible, which is why we make the procurement of landscaping supplies as easy and seamless as possible.


We not only have a robust and ample supply of landscaping materials, but we also have an entire system built from the ground up (no pun intended) to ensure that getting access to these supplies goes off without a hitch.


We have a team on standby who understands the entire makeup of every material we supply, so we are ready to guide you down the right path and make sure that whatever purchase you’re making, is the right one. On top of this, we also have our own material amount calculator available at soilkings.com to help you get the correct amount of landscaping material based on the area you need it for.


Additionally, you can visit our location to pickup any of our products – no appointment necessary! Plus, if you bring any type of uncovered truck or trailer, Soil Kings will load the material into your vehicle at no extra charge. If you’d like to receive the products directly to your home, you can easily place an order online 24/7 at soilkings.com, or by calling us at 403-452-5626, ext 1. Soil Kings delivers to your desired location using our fleet of 12 dump trucks, and we offer NEXT DAY DELIVERY on any delivery order during business days, so you don’t have to wait to start your landscaping projects!


Regardless of the job, we make locking in your orders as easy as possible. Much like the act of landscaping itself, there is little room for error, and we take this mindset into account with every order we take on.


Find out how we can work for you today!