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Should You be Top-Dressing Your Lawn?

Top-Dressing Your Lawn

Whether we like it or not, even a pristine lawn can be subject to the elements. One year your yard is looking immaculate and then the minute the snow thaws something almost unrecognizable emerges. It’s a pain many have felt, but luckily, it is not permanent. 


Top-dressing is a system that is essentially spot maintenance for your lawn. Unlike traditional gardening methods, where you lay your foundation down and work from square one, top-dressing is applying loam and soil solutions to areas where your lawn is lacking. These can be areas that have been battered by the weather, unearthed or are lacking in hydration and nutrition. 


Top-dressing is a thin layer of soil, so you don’t have to worry about your lawn being suffocated by its application. This gives your lawn a much-needed boost, allowing moisture and sunlight to penetrate it while providing new seeds with ideal conditions to germinate. 


If you’re considering applying top-dressing, there are a few obvious conditions that merit its application, which include:

  • Soil requiring additional nutrients and maintenance
  • Thatch in your lawn needing to be broken down 
  • Uneven landscape on your lawn 
  • Helping germinate newly planted seeds 
  • Spot maintenance for bare spots on your lawn 


Once you have done your fair share of troubleshooting, you’ll be able to observe which areas in your lawn require the most work.

We provide the best top-dressing solutions for your lawn’s needs, and if you’re not sure where to start or what to look out for, you can always contact our team and we’ll happily provide you with advice for your lawn. From there, you can start your journey to getting your outdoor space back into tip-top shape, so you can get started on enjoying your summer!