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Fall Landscaping Chores to Remember this Fall

Fall Landscaping Chores to Remember this Fall - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscaping Supplies - Featured Image

Autumn is short in Calgary, but it’s on its way, which means there’s a lot of fall cleaning to get done in a short amount of time. While some chores, like raking up the dead leaves and picking up any rotten apples stay top of mind, other important autumn chores tend to get forgotten in the rush. Here are a few fall landscaping chores you should remember to add to your list!


Clean the Flower Beds & Freshen Mulch.

Most Calgarians know that they can leave a thin layer of mulched leaves on their lawn as compost, but that the majority of leaves need to be removed. This is because letting dying and decaying plant matter winter atop your plants and soil promote bugs, pests, and plant diseases. What fewer Calgarians seem to realize is that this is also true of flower and garden beds. Spent annuals need to be removed, perennials need to be trimmed, and any dead or decaying plant matter should be removed. Once all those disease-magnets are taken away, blend in a healthy dose of compost, and consider freshening your mulch.


Autumn is the perfect time for freshening mulch for three reasons. First, as a purely practical concern, adding new mulch can be labour intensive, so doing it in the cooler fall is simply more pleasant. Second, fresh mulch adds some much-needed colour and texture to your yard over the winter. It’s a major boost to your home’s curb appeal and gives your landscaping a polished, looked after look during the dreary, dark months. Finally, mulch insulates your soil, protecting your plants from sudden fluctuations in temperature, and keeping them healthier over the long winter months. Mulch also prevents erosion during winter storms.


Fertilize and Reseed Your Lawn.

After you give your lawn a final cut (usually a little lower than normal), you’ll want to prepare it for winter and the coming spring. While your grass is dormant over the cold months, it won’t be particularly demanding, but come spring, you’ll want to ensure your lawn can come in lush and full and outcompete any weeds. This means giving your lawn a head start now. First, top dress your lawn with a high-quality compost or worm castings. If you suspect your soil isn’t in excellent condition, you may prefer to topdress with one of our top-quality garden soil blends, which have our famous compost blended directly into our screened loam.


After you’ve finished topdressing, it’s time to reseed. Pay particular attention to any bare or troubled areas, but offer the whole lawn some fresh seed.


It’s been a long summer. Really, it’s been a long year. But some things aren’t changing this year. With autumn arriving, your flower beds need to be cleaned out, your mulch needs to be refreshed, your lawn needs to be fertilized, and it’s time to reseed. Another thing that hasn’t changed? For the best landscaping materials in the Calgary area delivered to your house tomorrow, simply order online from Soil Kings.