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All About Aged Compost and Why We Love It

Aged Compost

Keeping your garden in working order over the summer is a tough endeavour. The summer heat and rain are variables beyond anyone’s control and in order to keep your garden in tip-top shape, you’re going to need aged compost that can provide your plants with the nutrients they’ll need to face the elements. 


That’s why we take pride in our compost soil mixtures and always champion aged compost as the best solution to keep your household flora strong and healthy. While you can acquire any one of our various soil mixtures for your garden needs, our aged compost stands out above the rest. 


This purpose-mixed solution contains a vast amount of complex nutrients and provides your plants with what they crave. This not only does wonders for your garden but if you were also aiming on tackling some vegetables this outdoor season, this mixture essentially acts as a superfood for your veggies — making your eventual yield not only healthy but incredibly robust as well. 


Now keeping this in mind, aged compost is no silver bullet. The best way to approach applying it to your garden is by mixing it with one of our other available soil mixtures. 


Once you find the right solution for your needs, add approximately a 50/50 split of our aged compost with your soil and sit back and watch the magic happen. Once you have mixed the appropriate amount, you’ll see over the course of your gardening season how this superfood essentially supercharges your plant life, providing hardy yields of vegetables and blossoming plant life. 


If you’re not sure of how to utilize aged compost to its fullest advantage, talk to our team. We are available to provide you with the right kind of information that will help your garden thrive.

Looking to make your garden the best it can be this summer? Trust us with your compost and soil needs and visit soilkings.com to get all of the necessary landscaping supplies.