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Choosing The Best Decorative Rocks for Your Project

The Best Decorative Rocks

Setting up the right kind of aggregate is crucial to laying the groundwork for any outdoor project.  If soil and plant life are the paint for your landscaping project, then aggregates are the borders of the canvas, allowing you a visual reference for what to do, where to do it and what the borders of your vision are. This is why picking the right kind of decorative rocks for your project is essential to ensuring that your landscaping ambitions go off without a hitch. 


These aggregates are fundamental tools for the decorative look of your outdoor ambitions, however, they are also overflowing with potential for garden functions. This can include pathways for drainage, dog runs and barriers lining the side of your home. Choosing the right kind of rock takes precedent when looking at either the decorative or functional prospects for your outdoor space. 


However, the line does not need to be drawn strictly as decorative and functional, as many aggregates can work in both spheres. Working with our team at Soil Kings is a great place to start when looking to lay the foundation for a new project.


Some products can be pretty self-explanatory which can help streamline your landscaping needs, such as drain rocks, road gravel and wash rock. Keeping that in mind, there are also a vast amount of aggregates that function more in the aesthetic realm. These can be rainbow rock, sparkle rock and rundle rock; these products offer your garden and home a wide variety of applications to make your outdoor space pop, while also holding functional prospects as well, such as perimeter, foundational and drainage needs. 

Don’t know where to start with your decorative plans for your home and garden? Don’t worry – we can help! Contact us at soilkings.com to get all of the necessary landscaping supplies to get your outdoor space as eyecatching as possible.