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Why Do We Offer So Many Different Types of Soil?

Why Do We Offer So Many Different Types of Soil? - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscaping Supplies Calgary - Featured Image

One question we hear at Soil Kings surprisingly often is, why do we offer such a range of different types of soil? From our KINGS Premium Garden Mix on one end of the spectrum to unscreened, raw loam on the other, it’s true that you can pretty much find any type of soil product you’re looking for at Soil Kings. And that’s the point — we know that Calgarians’ landscaping needs aren’t one size fits all, so of course, we carry a variety of soil products in order to ensure Calgarians have access to the high-quality landscaping materials they require, regardless of what their particular project is.



Whether you’re building a pathway or a porch, you’ll need a strong, even foundation to start from. If you need more material to help level your yard — or you need to alter the type of loam you’re building on to create a solid foundation, you’ve come to the right place. Our unscreened topsoil and construction clay are both extremely affordable products that are both eligible for next day delivery, ensuring that your project gets done on time and on budget.



We don’t need to tell you that many Calgary homeowners struggle with their lawns. Of course, the essential base of a good lawn is starting with good dirt. Our screened topsoil is among the finest screened loams in all of Calgary. High quality, easy to work with, free of large rocks or soil clumps, this topsoil is a highly affordable, top quality product that makes gardening or growing your lawn easy. If you were looking to topdress and spruce up the lawn, then the 7030 Garden Mix is a great addition to add nutrients to the landscape.



Now our screened topsoil would serve your garden admirably, but sometimes you just want something a little special for your flower beds up front or your vegetable garden in the back. These plants are your pride and joy. You’ve sunk hours of sweat into watering and weeding, and you deserve the biggest, healthiest plants possible! For your garden, you’ll want either 7030 garden mix or KINGS Premium Garden Mix.


7030 Garden Mix is a wonderful basic garden mix of 30% compost and 70% screened topsoil. This garden mix offers top-notch nutrition to all plants. It’s a blend of organic compost and the best, screened topsoil we have to offer.


Now, KINGS Premium Garden Mix is something really special. Crafted from 50% screened loam and 50% compost & extra fine mulch, this garden blend offers excellent water retention, long-term nutrition, soil aeration, workability and more! Perfect for creating a new garden or planting new trees (or for reviving gardening areas that are struggling), we can’t recommend this premium garden mix enough!


Need soil for your landscaping project? You can find what you need at Soil Kings. Order online today, and have it delivered tomorrow — contact free!