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Setting Up a Good Dog Run — What Aggregates to Use and Why

Setting Up a Good Dog Run — What Aggregates to Use and Why - Soil Kings - Landscaping Supplies Calgary - Featured Image

Dogs are the best but at some point, even the most enthusiastic dog owner gets sick and tired of cleaning up dog poop from all corners of the yard. The solution? An easy to clean dog run which keeps all the poop in one place, so you can enjoy your yard again.


How Large?

Obviously how big your dog run is going to be will depend on several factors. How large is your yard? If you don’t have much space, a dog run may not be in the cards for you. The size of your dog also matters.


At a bare minimum for a dog run that is used just a few times a day, your run should be twice the width and five times the length of your dog. On average, however, we’d suggest your dog run be about 30 square feet. This generally looks like a long rectangle of 3 feet by 10 feet. This gives your dog enough room to play, run around, and poop. If you have a larger dog (around 100 lbs or more), err towards 40 square feet.



There are two main considerations for location: convenience and climate. For convenience, you’ll want a dog run that your dog can easily access without you needing to go out 10 times a day when it’s -30. You also want the dog run to be out of the way in a part of the yard you don’t use a lot. A dog run right down the centre of your lawn is simply not ideal.


As for the climate, if your dog is going to be spending a lot of time in their run, they’re going to need a good source of shade. If you plan on having your dog outside most of the day (say while you’re at work), you’ll also need to provide them with shelter from the rain, wind, and winter.



Beyond a fence of some sort — generally 6 feet high depending on how high your breed can jump — you’re going to need some material for the floor of your run. We don’t recommend just using grass. You can’t hose it off. While you need to provide your dog with somewhere cozy to lie down for a nap, the majority of the substrate should be an easy to wash aggregate, in order to ensure your dog run is hygienic for your pet. We recommend washed rocks. Wash rocks are affordable, attractive, and easy to clean. We suggest choosing washed rocks in a 14mm size.


Washed rock in either size should be gentle enough on your dog’s paws. Make sure to provide a good depth of rocks (5-6 inches), so water can drain away without leaving mud puddles for your dog to drink and roll in.


A dog run is a great option for providing your pet with a safe place to run and play that’s just theirs. But it’s important to consider your unique dog as you plan your run. For example, if your dog has very sensitive feet or is prone to chewing on rocks, you’ll need to consider a different material — even if it’s a little harder to clean.


Building a run for your dog? The landscaping material experts at Soil Kings are here to help! Order your aggregates today and stop cleaning up poop across your yard tomorrow.