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Manage Your Soil Conditions with Mulches

Manage your soil conditions with mulch

It is one of those interesting points that come about as you begin your gardening journey: that is, of course, how your soil is much more important to the health of your plants and garden than you might think. It’s in the same realm as plants growing out of the air because they capture and Read more

3 Main Types of Aggregates Used in Landscaping

Types of Aggregates Used in Landscaping

Our aggregates are available in a range of styles, sizes and types. We carry decorative and construction aggregates that can be used for many different purposes in gardening, landscaping or building. With all the possibilities and varieties, it can become almost overwhelming to choose the right option for your garden. This is why we’ve put Read more

Should You Mulch in Spring, Summer or Fall?

Best Time to Mulch

Mulch is a very helpful material. When properly applied, it can produce an attractive visual effect that improves the look and feel of your garden dramatically. Plus, the versatile nature of the material makes it ideal for garden beds, as a trim material, and in other aesthetically pleasing applications. Still, the benefits of mulch are Read more

Fall Soil Improvements

Worm Castings for Soil Improvements

When it comes to improving your soil in the fall, there are many things that you can add to give it an extra boost of nutrients and organic matter. Today, we look at a few of the best materials to add, including mulch, raw organic matter and more. Let’s get started! Three Ways to Improve Read more

All About Aggregates

Landscaping Aggregates

Aggregates provide many unique benefits and uses to gardeners and landscapers alike. When properly placed, they can be awe-inspiring and simply amazing to look at. These crushed and uniform rocks are not only for looks; as a matter of fact, they also make awesome building materials and astounding pathways. Below, we talk all about landscaping Read more

Can You Store Mulch Over the Winter?

Store Mulch Over Winter

When it comes to mulch, it’s possible to have too much of a good thing. While you’ll want to re-mulch in autumn and offer your beds and trees a liberal layer of fresh mulch, you don’t really want more than 3 or 4 inches. As the layer of mulch gets too thick, it can make Read more

Adding Compost to Established Garden Beds

adding compost to established gardens

Adding compost to established garden beds is possible, and can actually be a very effective way of revitalizing the area. Compost is full of nutrients that plants need to grow, making it an essential element of every successful garden. Below, we look at several methods for adding this nutrient-rich substance to your older garden beds. Read more

Decorative Aggregates for Landscaping

Decorative Aggregates for Landscaping

There are all sorts of interesting aggregates to use for landscaping, from pretty pebbles to smooth, river-washed stone. Furthermore, they can transform the look of a space from modest to magnificent with ease. See what aggregate options are available, and how you can apply them to your landscaping, below! 5 Decorative Aggregates for Landscaping Purple Read more

How to Mulch Your Garden

How to Mulch Your Garden

Keeping an immaculate garden can be a wonderful way to improve the look of your yard or business. Still, it is not always considered easy when all is said and done. There is a fair amount of upkeep that comes with gardening, from planting and monitoring your plants to creating garden beds, hefting soil and Read more

Soil Kings Decorative Rock Sale

Decorative Rock Sale

Can you smell it in the air? It’s that very special time of year when the Soil Kings Decorative Rock Sale kicks off again! There has never been a better time to get the materials you need to transform your next landscaping or gardening project from good to great. Let’s explore the options available during Read more

Ways to Work with Clay While Landscaping

landscaping clay

Landscaping provides many people with a fun hobby and no small amount of hurdles to overcome. It can also be difficult and tremendously rewarding, making it a great option for anyone looking for something interesting to do outdoors. From decoration to planting and maintenance to planning, there is always something new on the horizon. Today, Read more

Advantages to Using Aggregates in Your Gardens

When it comes to using aggregates in your gardens, there are several advantages. Still, the biggest advantage of working with your garden is that you get to spend more time outside, helping things grow and crafting a beautiful, bountiful space. Better Appearance Perhaps the greatest advantage of aggregates is the wealth of decorative options they Read more

Using Sand and Gravel to Bring Landscapes to Life

Using Sand and Gravel

For newcomers and veterans alike, the joy of gardening cannot be overstated. From planting and landscape design to weeding and maintenance, spring and summer are full of fun and exciting activities. Today we look at landscape design in particular, and how to use the natural beauty of sand and gravel to your advantage. Soil Kings Read more

When to Add Compost to Your Perennial Garden

When to Add Compost to Your Perennial Garden

Perennial gardens can be beautiful in the hands (and thumbs) of the right gardeners. Crafting a garden that will last throughout the seasons can be difficult, but nothing is impossible with the right materials and a winning attitude. Plus, a bit of advice can go a long way too. This conveniently brings us to the Read more

Using Aggregates to Create a Space That Stands Out

More people than ever see the beauty of aggregate, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Small, medium and large-sized rocks can contribute so much to a garden. They are a stunning aesthetic addition, and they can be functional in many different applications as well.  If you are interested in learning how to use aggregate in Read more

The Difference Between Topsoil and Compost

Understanding the different components of your garden beds is an integral part of becoming a better gardener. Fertilizer, topsoil, compost and mulch may all bear similarities to one another, but each is a distinct product with a specific purpose. Additionally, they all require certain conditions to be most effective, making it essential to understand the Read more

When & Why to Add Compost to Your Garden

When and Why to Add Compost to Your Garden

Anyone with a basic understanding of gardening has heard of compost, but some are still scared to use it. Caring for anything can be a tough and emotional experience, and the idea of introducing a foreign substance that could potentially harm or destroy your hard work is not always appealing.  Why You Should Add Compost Read more

How to Choose Mulch or Aggregates for Your Garden

How to Choose Mulch or Aggregates for Your Garden - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscape Supplies - Featured Image

Not only are there many different kinds of mulch and aggregates available, but both products serve different purposes. This makes choosing the right one for your garden or landscaping project an important decision. Let’s first discuss the reasons that you may want or need mulch and aggregates, and then the scenarios where each one is Read more

Why Use Compost in Your Spring Vegetable Garden?

Why Use Compost in Your Spring Vegetable Garden? - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscape Supplies - Featured Image

With spring right around the corner and COVID still keeping many of us in our homes, the future is looking bright for novice and veteran gardeners alike. The hobby is seeing a renewed sense of support for everyone looking to get some tactile action back into their everyday lives.   This means that there is Read more

What’s the Difference Between Soils?

What's the Difference Between Soils? - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscape Supplies - Featured Image

When it comes to gardening season, there are many decisions to be made. What to plant, where to plant it, when you’re going to start, what type of soil you’re going to use, how you’re going to divide your available gardening space; the list goes on. But, one of the most important decisions you can Read more

The Benefits of Worm Castings

The Benefits of Worm Castings - Soil Kings - Landscaping Supplies - Featured Image

There has been a lot of talk about worm castings in recent years, but they still manage to skirt just outside the mainstream. More people than ever know there are potential benefits, but it has not yet become a staple of the gardening experience. Still, this public unfamiliarity is unlikely to last too much longer, Read more

Preparing Your Garden for a Successful Spring Season

Choosing the Right Landscape Supplier - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscape Supplies Calgary

Can you smell it in the air? That’s right; Spring is finally here! From the early morning chirping and the pitter-patter of rain to the vibrant green buds and pleasant afternoons, our natural surroundings are opening up for another exciting season of change, warmth and growth. And for us humans, spring marks the time when Read more

Make Sure Your Perennials Are Ready for Next Year

Make Sure Your Perennials Are Ready for Next Year - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscaping Supplies- Featured Image

If you haven’t already heard the bad news, they’re predicting a frigid winter with lots of snow in much of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. With the prairie provinces about to be blasted with cold, it’s no surprise that we’re hearing from many homeowners asking what landscaping supplies they need to protect their perennials from the Read more

Best Purposes for Mulch

Best Purposes for Mulch - Soil Kings - Landscaping Supplies Calgary - Featured Image

We can’t say enough good things about mulch. While aggregates can also be used to control weeds (and they’re also great for draining water away from around the house), there are some jobs where mulch is simply the right tool for the job. Here are just a few of the places where mulch performs best. Read more

Setting Up a Good Dog Run — What Aggregates to Use and Why

Setting Up a Good Dog Run — What Aggregates to Use and Why - Soil Kings - Landscaping Supplies Calgary - Featured Image

Dogs are the best but at some point, even the most enthusiastic dog owner gets sick and tired of cleaning up dog poop from all corners of the yard. The solution? An easy to clean dog run which keeps all the poop in one place, so you can enjoy your yard again.   How Large? Read more