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How to Choose Mulch or Aggregates for Your Garden

How to Choose Mulch or Aggregates for Your Garden - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscape Supplies - Featured Image

Not only are there many different kinds of mulch and aggregates available, but both products serve different purposes. This makes choosing the right one for your garden or landscaping project an important decision. Let’s first discuss the reasons that you may want or need mulch and aggregates, and then the scenarios where each one is more suitable.


Why Use Mulch?

Mulch is the protector of your soil. It helps keep your soil in place and prevents it from getting damaged by foot traffic. Similarly, it also aids in the defence of your plants. Plus, as the material breaks down it begins to leech into your soil, providing extra nutrition for your plants. Most of the mulches we have available are made from shredded woods and barks, making them ph-neutral and a great addition to any garden.


Why Use Aggregate?

Aggregates are a decorative material. They help define sections of your lawn or garden and make a great pathway material. Fine aggregates, like sieved sand, can also be used to level ground and provide a sturdy, flat area on your lawn. They may also be used in the creation of backyard features, like rock ponds, gazebos or child-friendly play areas.


When to Use Mulch

You should use mulch when you want to protect your garden and its soil. Many mulches are also very attractive, so you may wish to use them as a more nutrient-rich alternative to aggregate. One thing to keep in mind with mulch is that it will have long-lasting effects on your garden as it breaks down and becomes part of your soil. For advice on choosing the right mulch product for your garden, contact Soil Kings.


When to Use Aggregate

Aggregate has as many uses as you can think of places to beautify your lawn. Replacing heavy, cumbersome paving stones with purple or rainbow rock is a good choice, but so is lining those stones with a fine aggregate to create a contrast. Generally, we do not recommend using aggregates in gardens, as they are difficult to work around when it comes time to harvest your crops.


Where to Get Your Mulch & Aggregate

The best place to get mulch and aggregate is Soil Kings. We have several choices available for both products, and we help save you money by not bagging the material beforehand. Plus, we can deliver straight to your door, or you can visit us at one of our many convenient locations in Calgary.