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Fall Soil Improvements

Worm Castings for Soil Improvements

When it comes to improving your soil in the fall, there are many things that you can add to give it an extra boost of nutrients and organic matter. Today, we look at a few of the best materials to add, including mulch, raw organic matter and more. Let’s get started!

Three Ways to Improve Your Soil in Autumn

Add Mulch

Mulch is a versatile and beneficial material that can improve the health of any garden. Our mulch products are made from organic materials, like spruce, red cedar and other wood chips. Mulch degrades during the fall, adding its valuable nutrients to the existing soil. Additionally, it acts as a blanket for your garden, stopping soil from blowing away and keeping invasive species from sowing their seeds.

Add Raw Organic Matter

Whether you are using our very own organic compost or the organic material your household creates, adding it to your garden during fall can be helpful. If you’ve done weeding, trimming or other garden activities that generate waste, you already have a great place to start. But, you can also feel free to add any stems, peels and other inedible materials from your foods. 

Keep in mind that raw organic matter on its own is not sufficient. In order to break down into the useful nutrients your soil needs, the matter will need nitrogen. If you don’t add extra through the use of nitrogen-rich fertilizer, the process will take the existing nitrogen in your soil, which could harm the plants in your garden. 

Add Worm Castings

Worm castings are an amazing source of nutrients, whether they are added directly to your soil, or as part of a castings tea. Worm castings are the material left by worms through their digestive process and serve to offer some of the most basic, yet essential, building blocks for life. We offer high-quality worm castings that you can use in your garden during the fall, spring and other growing seasons. 

Using a combination of these materials in your fall garden bed can be an amazing way to improve the soil over the cold winter season. When you add these materials after the fall harvest, or when you’re done with the garden for the year, you allow time for them to break down and enter into your soil. For more great gardening tips and all the bulk products you need, contact Soil Kings today!