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Should You Mulch in Spring, Summer or Fall?

Best Time to Mulch

Mulch is a very helpful material. When properly applied, it can produce an attractive visual effect that improves the look and feel of your garden dramatically. Plus, the versatile nature of the material makes it ideal for garden beds, as a trim material, and in other aesthetically pleasing applications.

Still, the benefits of mulch are not only soil-deep. Mulch is full of helpful nutrients and minerals that plants crave. These include all the building blocks of life, like nitrogen and phosphorus. Some mulches even contain antifungal and herbicidal properties to help ward away garden intruders, like cedar mulch. All told, this is a material that is essential to a successful garden. 

But, while many gardeners will acknowledge the usefulness of mulching, many of them still do not know when it is best applied to their gardens. Should it be done in the spring, summer or fall? Is there any difference in when you apply the material, or can it just be done whenever? The answers to these questions and more lay right down below!

Mulching Your Garden in Fall

You should mulch your garden in the fall. Once you’ve completed all your other gardening activities, like harvesting your edibles, trimming back brambles and cleaning your equipment, mulching is a great activity. Completing it as one of your last gardening activities for the year allows you to ensure that everything is out of the way and ready to accept the mulch, plus it acts as sort of a blanket for the garden, tucking it in for a long rest.

Though the blanket analogy might be a bit much, it is, in reality, actually quite apt. You see, when mulching during the fall months, you give your garden the remainder of that season, as well as the winter season, the time it needs to fully integrate itself with the mulch. It will take in nutrients and break down the organic material so that it is ready for planting and use in the next spring season.

Mulching Your Garden in Spring

Mulch doesn’t only need to occur in the fall months to be effective though. Once all your gardening activities are done in the spring, like planting, fertilizing and building, you can feel free to apply mulch to your garden. Not only will this help prevent your soil from being blown away by the wind, but it will also act as a functional and attractive cover for your newly situated plants. 

In closing, you should avoid mulching your garden in the summer more than the other two seasons. You won’t really achieve the same benefits as you would in the other seasons, and it will likely be hot and laborious work. For all your mulch tips and bulk ordering needs, make sure to check out the great selection available at Soil Kings.