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When to Add Compost to Your Perennial Garden

When to Add Compost to Your Perennial Garden

Perennial gardens can be beautiful in the hands (and thumbs) of the right gardeners. Crafting a garden that will last throughout the seasons can be difficult, but nothing is impossible with the right materials and a winning attitude. Plus, a bit of advice can go a long way too.

This conveniently brings us to the topic of this article, namely, the best time of the year to add compost to your perennial garden. Although our information is fairly straightforward, that doesn’t make it any less useful for new and old gardeners alike to know. Let’s get started!

The Best Time of Year for Adding Compost to Perennial Gardens


When you are first making your perennial garden bed, it is critical to incorporate compost material. Compost is nutrient-rich, giving your plants the nitrogen and nutrients they need to grow vibrant, green and strong. As a general rule, we recommend adding 30% compost into your soil, which is easy to do when using our 70/30 Garden Mix.

For even more impressive results, however, there is another option. When you use KINGS Premium Garden Mix, you use soil that is 50% screened loam and 50% amendments, like compost and fine mulch. From improved water retention to better moisture availability and robust soil aeration, this material provides many unique benefits. These benefits are powerful aids for perennial gardens, especially those just getting started.


Once your perennial garden is planted, all that is left to do is maintain it. Luckily, maintenance is even easier than planting, especially when you use a mulch material to reduce weed growth in the planting season. We recommend a 3-5 cm (1-2”) deep layer of compost at the base of trees and plants once a year, typically just before your regular planting season. This will keep the growth and nutrient levels of your plants optimal and continuous. 

If you make your own compost, you can also layer it, mid-stage, during the fall. Half decomposed material that is weighted down will decompose through the winter, boosting the nutrients of your soil just in time for the spring season.

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