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Decorative Aggregates for Landscaping

Decorative Aggregates for Landscaping

There are all sorts of interesting aggregates to use for landscaping, from pretty pebbles to smooth, river-washed stone. Furthermore, they can transform the look of a space from modest to magnificent with ease. See what aggregate options are available, and how you can apply them to your landscaping, below!

5 Decorative Aggregates for Landscaping

Purple Sparkle Rock

The perfect blend of pinkish and purplish rock, this aggregate fits in anywhere on your property but is best used alongside houses and around trees and shrubs. Consider using it to line a pathway or accent your flower garden, but really, the options are limitless with this attractive rock. Choose it to add to your garden and accompany it with similar coloured flowers for amazing results. 

Washed Rock

Blues, greys, tans, beiges and more await in the washed rock aggregate. Available in both 14mm and 25mm screenings, this aggregate is a go-to for functional, attractive landscaping. The smaller size is perfect for dog runs or natural pathways, while the larger size is great for general landscaping projects. Order it for pickup or delivery today and see how it can enhance the look of your garden or landscape.

Rundle Rock

The dark and cool slate colour of rundle rock acts as a stark contrast to the bounty of nature. This dark charcoal grey rock is available in three sizes: 10mm, 20mm and 40mm. Since the rock is a bit dusty it is best watered down to help reveal its natural, darker colour. The 10mm size is commonly used as a pathway material.

Natural Washed Rock

Unlike the crushed and angular washed rock, the natural washed rock aggregate is round, smooth and hard to find. Available in 7-10mm screenings, as well as 20mm and 40mm sizes, the material lends itself to decoration in many aspects of landscaping, from features to trim and more. 

Alberta Rainbow Rock

One of the most popular aggregate options, this rainbow rock aggregate is affordable and beautiful in equal measure. From right here in Alberta, this material is available in both 20mm and 40mm screenings. Choose rainbow rock for your next landscaping project and see the beauty it contains for yourself.

All of these aggregate products are available at Soil Kings. Place your order for delivery or pick-up today and save money on your next landscaping project. With local products, lower delivery fees than the “bag guys” and a dedication to quality, choose Soil Kings today!