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Manage Your Soil Conditions with Mulches

Manage your soil conditions with mulch

It is one of those interesting points that come about as you begin your gardening journey: that is, of course, how your soil is much more important to the health of your plants and garden than you might think. It’s in the same realm as plants growing out of the air because they capture and separate carbon dioxide rather than the intuitive answer that they grow out of the ground.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Soil is full of the nutrients and life that your plants need to facilitate their growth cycle and thrive in your garden beds. As these nutrients are used, they must be replenished by complementary cycles, so that a balance can be struck and growth can continue without significant stunting. One way to achieve this balance is with mulch products.


What Are Mulch Products?

Mulch products refer to shredded or mulched organic matter. The composition of mulch can range from the amateur, which would be things like shrub clippings and regular garden organic material, to the professional, which would include a single material, like cedar, spruce or pine wood chips. These may be dyed to provide different aesthetic conditions.

How Do Mulches Help Manage Soil Conditions?

Mulches are, at their root, simply another form of organic material. They can, therefore, perform the same role as compost, leaching into the soil over time and converting into the base components that plants need for growth. But, because they are made from more dense and fibrous material (wood chips, bark, etc.), they take longer to break down into the soil. Still, they are aesthetically pleasing and offer protection from wind and other environmental factors while decomposing. 

What Different Mulches Can Do for Your Soil

While all mulch can provide the benefits discussed above, many mulches offer even greater benefits. For instance, cedar mulch has natural herbicidal and antifungal properties, which help prevent weeds and mushroom growth. Another example is Montane Garden Mulch, which carries with it a beautiful fragrance that many people enjoy in their gardens. 

How to Get High-Quality, Bulk Mulch

To learn more about the mulches that are available to you, or to place a bulk order for one of the high-quality mulch products, contact Soil Kings today. Our friendly staff helps save you money on delivery fees by removing those pesky individual bags. And, we are always willing to answer questions about gardening, aggregates and more.