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Preparing Your Garden for a Successful Spring Season

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Can you smell it in the air? That’s right; Spring is finally here! From the early morning chirping and the pitter-patter of rain to the vibrant green buds and pleasant afternoons, our natural surroundings are opening up for another exciting season of change, warmth and growth.

And for us humans, spring marks the time when we get back to our gardens, see how they’ve changed over the winter and prepare them for the new growing season. Still, while there is always talk about preparing your garden and the importance of the activity, there can often be a gap in the information necessary to actually DO that work. 

This is exactly why we have put together this list of activities for you to check off your list this season. From dethatching to aerating and weeding to cleaning, get the full details down below!


Nobody gets into gardening to grow resource-hogging, unattractive plants. But, these bedfellows are resilient and often manage to get themselves back into our raised beds. Removing them helps ensure that the plants and flowers you do want to grow actually have the best chance of success. 


Winter tends to freeze everything in place, including garbage, dead leaves and other loose matter. When the snow melts, an important part of preparing your garden for a successful spring should be cleaning your beds and boxes from any loose, unwanted material. 


Before spring begins in full, you should take time to plan your gardening activities for the upcoming year. Things to think about in advance include:

  • Planting saplings
  • Building raised beds or new beds
  • Sourcing a quality bulk soil specialist
  • Checking tool and equipment readiness
  • Adding pathways and planning space usage

These planning activities will help you develop a clear plan for the upcoming season and leave you ample time to prepare the supplies you need to be successful.


Preparing your garden often requires turning the soil, adding compost and ensuring the right nutrient composition for the best possible growth. It also means adding the necessary decorative elements to transform it from a beautiful oasis into a true reflection of your hard work and effort. You should also examine your tools and replace any broken or worn equipment.


After your garden is fully prepared, deweeded and planted, be sure to add mulch! This step reduces weed growth, provides soil nutrients and vastly improves the look of your garden. 

For garden soil mixes, mulch and aggregate, contact your local bulk supplier, Soil Kings, today!