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All About Aggregates

Landscaping Aggregates

Aggregates provide many unique benefits and uses to gardeners and landscapers alike. When properly placed, they can be awe-inspiring and simply amazing to look at. These crushed and uniform rocks are not only for looks; as a matter of fact, they also make awesome building materials and astounding pathways. Below, we talk all about landscaping aggregates!

The Many Applications of Aggregates

Aggregates As Decoration

Aggregates are known for their eye-catching looks and incredible visual effects. You’ve likely seen all forms of aggregates used in commercial and residential properties to line gardens, add a splash of colour, contrast with one another and all sorts of other alluring applications. From bright whites to crisp blacks and all the pretty colours that come from river rock, aggregates are an ancient material that one can always appreciate.

Aggregates As Building Materials

As building materials, aggregates are truly awesome. They can be used to shore up ridges, as a foundation for paving stones, or even as a soil amendment to loosen up packed stones. Sand, recycled asphalt, limestone and other materials offer a selection so wide you’ll be left awestruck. Although you may have questions about how to use our aggregates for maximum effect, our team of ace professionals can provide the answers you await.

Aggregates As Pathways

At the rear of our list, but not aback of our hearts, are aggregates being used as pathways. An awful shame to miss, aggregate pathways can be astounding works that are easy to use and simple to build. Whether you use them to wind their way through a garden forest or as a straight, no-nonsense trail, many shapes and sizes of stellar stones can be used. We can attest that all aggregates are acceptable as pathway materials, but feel free to speak with us about your choice to authenticate.

Alright, that’s a-nough of those pesky A- words. Still, as you can plainly see, the many uses of aggregates for landscaping are not to be overlooked. And, when you work with Soil Kings to choose and use your aggregates, you are also getting the many benefits that come with that decision. These include lower prices, products from right here in Alberta, a convenient pickup location, an amazing selection and straightforward delivery fees, among others. 

For a great customer service experience, the right advice and information for your garden, and all the many advantages alluded to above, look no further than Soil Kings!