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When & Why to Add Compost to Your Garden

When and Why to Add Compost to Your Garden

Anyone with a basic understanding of gardening has heard of compost, but some are still scared to use it. Caring for anything can be a tough and emotional experience, and the idea of introducing a foreign substance that could potentially harm or destroy your hard work is not always appealing. 

Why You Should Add Compost to Your Garden

Still, compost is an essential part of every good garden. As it is made of decaying or decayed organic matter, it is chock full of micronutrients that your plants need to grow big and strong. Most articles that discuss compost laud the nitrogen content of the additive, but that is only one beneficial component of compost.

It also helps with water retention and can feed the other beneficial organisms present in your garden bed’s soil. Plus, it is an easy way to reuse and reduce your home’s waste, as compost heaps are relatively easy to build and maintain. In fact, there are very few drawbacks to adding compost, so long as it is done at the appropriate time. 

When To Add Compost to Your Garden

If you plan to add compost to your garden annually, the best time is during the early spring. This gives the soil and compost time to intermix so that your bed is ready for planting. 

If you are planning to add plants to your garden, then you can add compost just prior to or just after planting. This gives them an extra “boost” of nutrients and can help spur better growth.

Keep in mind that these suggestions apply only to fully decomposed compost, which is a consistent texture and resembles rich soil. If you’re too eager to wait for the full decomposition process to occur, consider adding the compost to your garden in the fall. This will give it lots of time to decompose in the soil bed before the next growing season. 

Where to Get Compost for Your Garden

As we mentioned above, making your own compost heap is relatively straightforward. It can be a great way of teaching kids about gardening in a fun and mucky sort of way, and it requires relatively little upkeep. Still, not everyone has the option to create a compost heap, and even if they do, they may need more compost than they can reliably create in a year. 

In these circumstances, Soil Kings is here to help. We provide top-quality compost that is ideal for gardening, and we do it without charging you for the expensive bags that you’ll end up throwing away anyway. Plus, we offer great prices and deliver straight to your door, so what are you waiting for? Contact us today.