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Using Sand and Gravel to Bring Landscapes to Life

Using Sand and Gravel

For newcomers and veterans alike, the joy of gardening cannot be overstated. From planting and landscape design to weeding and maintenance, spring and summer are full of fun and exciting activities. Today we look at landscape design in particular, and how to use the natural beauty of sand and gravel to your advantage.

Soil Kings offers a variety of products that can transform your property in these two categories. Compaction, masonry and weight are just a few of the benefits these materials can provide. Below, we look at several products and how you can use them to improve the look of your landscape. Let’s get started!

20mm Road Gravel

Typically, you would use our 20mm road gravel mix as a compaction material underneath concrete or paving stones. However, this mix is also effective for covering large areas, like a parking pad, driveway or building perimeter. An all-around utility aggregate, this is a great option for anyone looking to make a cost-effective stall. 

5mm Washed Sand

Another great compacting option, our coarser 5mm sand helps create sturdy pathways when laid underneath paving stones. It also mixes well with concrete and can be used to reinvigorate and loosen garden soil. This sand is also effective for weighing down objects, like gazebos and other garden structures. 

3mm Washed Sand

The ideal choice for creating kid-friendly play areas, our 3mm sand is a “fine” choice. The smaller granule size makes it an ideal binder for stucco and masonry projects too. If you’re planning to seal the area between your paving stones or brickwork, this material is highly effective.

40mm Rundle Rock

While not strictly sand or gravel, our 40mm rundle rock is also a great way to bring your landscape to life. Although it is naturally dusty, when it is sprayed down it reveals a darker, attractive colour. Lining pathways, bordering garden beds and accenting the other features of your lawn are just a few of the many uses for this material.

As you can see, there are several options to choose from when it comes to sand and gravel from Soil Kings. Plus, with pickup and delivery options, no costly bag fees and service with a smile, there’s nowhere better to get the material and advice you need to make something truly special. Delivery starts at just $110 within Calgary city limits, so contact us today or place your order on our website now!