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How to Choose the Right Type of Mulch

Close up of a person wearing gardening gloves after they chose the right type of mulch

  Adding mulch to your soil is an essential part of gardening and landscaping that involves placing a layer of material over the soil surface around plants. Mulching has many benefits including conserving moisture in the soil, regulating soil temperature, and improving soil structure and fertility. Mulch also helps to protect your plant roots from Read more

DIY Guide to Composting

Close up of persons hand doing a DIY Composting

  Composting is the superhero of waste management, turning your food scraps and yard waste into a powerful nutrient-rich soil amendment that can be used to fertilize plants and gardens. By recycling biodegradable material, you create an ideal environment for bacteria, fungi, and other decomposing materials like worms, sowbugs, and nematodes to work their magic. Read more

Benefits of Adding Screened Topsoil to Your Lawn

Person adding adding screened topsoil to lawn using their hands

  Topsoil is an important part of the earth’s surface and is made up of mineral particles, organic matter, water, and air. Topsoil has many benefits including making your garden look healthier and more beautiful. The quality of your topsoil also affects how well your plants derive their nutrients from the ground. Screened topsoil has Read more

The Difference Between Topsoil and Compost

Understanding the different components of your garden beds is an integral part of becoming a better gardener. Fertilizer, topsoil, compost and mulch may all bear similarities to one another, but each is a distinct product with a specific purpose. Additionally, they all require certain conditions to be most effective, making it essential to understand the Read more

Screened Loam or Garden Mix?

Screened Loam or Garden Mix? - Soil Kings - QUALITY BULK LANDSCAPE SUPPLIES

For many Calgary homeowners, their garden and flower beds are their pride. They spend long hours carefully keeping their yards pristine, and that means providing plants with only the best top soil, composts, and mulch. Similarly, we know that landscapers throughout Alberta want to craft beautiful yards using superior soil to ensure their hard work Read more

Why Should You Mulch?

Why Should You Mulch? - Soil Kings - QUALITY BULK LANDSCAPE SUPPLIES

At Soil Kings, we’re proud to offer Calgary and area a great selection of some of the best mulches available. From Bowcrow Mulch, made from an aromatic blend of shredded pine and spruce bark, to our vibrant Red Mulch, dyed with natural, vegetable-based colour, we like to think we provide Calgary landscapers and homeowners with Read more

Practical, Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

Practical, Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas - Soil Kings - QUALITY BULK LANDSCAPE SUPPLIES

There are many Calgarians who cherish having a lush, green lawn. They take the time to carefully mow it every week; they weed and water to keep it looking pristine, and they genuinely take pleasure in having a beautiful lawn. As for the rest of us, mowing and watering can feeling like a big headache. Read more

Why You Should Avoid Most Animal-Based Composts

Why You Should Avoid Most Animal-Based Composts - Soil Kings - QUALITY BULK LANDSCAPE SUPPLIES

Animal waste, or manure, may be one of the oldest fertilizers in the book. People began farming over 10,000 years ago, and we’ve been using manure to help grow the best crops for much of that time. But just because manure is one of the first forms of fertilizer discovered by people doesn’t make it Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Worm Castings

Everything You Need to Know About Worm Castings - Soil Kings - QUALITY BULK LANDSCAPE SUPPLIES

Worm castings are considered by many experts to be nature’s optimal plant food. Worm castings are known by a variety of names, such as vermicast, but the reality is worm castings are worm poop. The worms are supplied with a constant meal of mostly high-quality leaf and yard scraps and waste, and they turn it Read more

Landscaping with Our Favourite Rock

Landscaping with Our Favourite Rock - Soil Kings - QUALITY BULK LANDSCAPE SUPPLIES

If you search the internet, it’s not hard to find hundreds of ideas for using rock in your landscaping. For those of us in the Calgary area, incorporating more rock and less grass into our yards just makes sense. Our weather jumps around like a yo-yo, and we rarely get enough rain to keep grass Read more