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Why Should You Mulch?

Why Should You Mulch? - Soil Kings - QUALITY BULK LANDSCAPE SUPPLIES

At Soil Kings, we’re proud to offer Calgary and area a great selection of some of the best mulches available. From Bowcrow Mulch, made from an aromatic blend of shredded pine and spruce bark, to our vibrant Red Mulch, dyed with natural, vegetable-based colour, we like to think we provide Calgary landscapers and homeowners with numerous great options to fit any need or aesthetic. But beyond their decorative attributes, there are many fantastic reasons to be using mulch in your gardens, flower beds, or anywhere!

Increase Your Harvest.

If your gardens are your pride and joy, mulching just makes sense. Mulch helps to control for weeds and even reduces the spread of plant diseases. During blizzards, thunderstorms, and other wind storms, mulch prevents erosion and keeps your high-quality garden mix in your garden where it belongs. Combined with its other great properties, a study from the Texas A&M University found that a well-mulched garden can yield 50% more vegetables than an un-mulched garden. That’s food for thought!

Protect Your Flowerbeds.

Along with controlling weeds and reducing plant disease, mulches also help to even out the temperature of the soil. This protects the bulbs and roots of your perennials from sudden temperature changes — which is important in our climate. Mulch also helps to trap moisture in your soil. It’ll shade the dirt and water, protecting it from our hot summer days and allowing the moisture to seep deeper into the soil. Finally, as mulch slowly composts over the years, it releases nutrients into your garden soil which keep your vegetables or flowers fed and happy.

How Much Mulch?

For the best results, you’ll likely want mulch to be about two inches deep. Two inches is deep enough that you’ll see all the benefits we described above, and you shouldn’t need to top up your mulch for at least a year. In general, it’s a good idea to have your mulch expand out further than your plants. Around new trees, you may want a mulch layer as deep as 4 inches. Don’t let the mulch touch the tree’s trunk, and mulch in a circle that’s at least 3 feet wide around the tree.

Could your yard benefit from mulch? Soil Kings offers great savings on our bulk mulches. With a flat $110 delivery fee for 1 product within Calgary (additional costs for outside of Calgary), whether you need 2 cubic yards of mulch or 12, you’ll love not paying for delivery on each individual cubic yard. Of course, we also welcome our customers to come by our location at  71 Technology Way SE. Take a look at our mulches for yourself, and if you bring a truck, our team will load it for you!