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Everything You Need to Know About Worm Castings

Everything You Need to Know About Worm Castings - Soil Kings - QUALITY BULK LANDSCAPE SUPPLIES

Worm castings are considered by many experts to be nature’s optimal plant food. Worm castings are known by a variety of names, such as vermicast, but the reality is worm castings are worm poop. The worms are supplied with a constant meal of mostly high-quality leaf and yard scraps and waste, and they turn it into the perfect soil enricher. Vermicast improves soil aeration and drainage, increases water retention, provides easy-to-use nutrients for your plants, can be used universally without burning plants. It even has a protective effect against pests such as aphids and spider mites.

When Should You Use Worm Castings?

When it comes to worm castings, just a little bit of worm poop goes a long ways. It’s especially useful when starting seeds indoors or out, as the protective effects of the worm castings will help prevent diseases and keep fungus gnats under control. Worm castings are appropriate in just about every situation. They can be used for indoor potted plants, and they’re perfect for outdoor gardens and flower beds. Outdoors, they’re particularly effective as they’ll attract local worms who will produce even more worm manure. Feed your garden with high quality yard waste and compost scraps to keep the living worms happy and well fed.

The Benefits of Worm Castings.

It’s hard to overstate just how good worm castings are for plants. Worm manure can act as a chemical barrier that allows plants to thrive even when the pH levels of the soil would normally make it difficult for them to absorb the nutrients they need. Worm castings also reduce acid-forming carbon and increase the nitrogen level. Nitrogen from worm castings is particularly easy for plants to absorb, and vermicast is also an excellent, natural source of humic acid. Together, nitrogen and humic acid stimulate plant growth and health. We’ve already mentioned that worm castings improve water retention, but they also help prevent water erosion and compaction. Finally, worm castings have the ability to extract toxins, harmful fungi and bacteria, and even heavy metals. This creates a protective effect and helps plants fight off disease.

How Much Worm Castings Do You Need?

This all-natural, organic soil amendment offers 10 times the nutrients of regular compost. We’ve already said that a little bit of worm manure goes a long ways, but just how much do you need? In general, we recommend 1 part worm casting to 4 parts soil. Some gardeners and landscapers prefer to use 1 part worm casting to 2 parts soil, but we generally find a 1:4 ratio is sufficient. However, if you’re starting seeds or planting a particularly delicate tree, you may want to consider using more worm castings. On the other end of things, if you’re top dressing a lawn, you can get away with less.

At Soil Kings, we’re proud to offer Calgarians some of the highest quality worm castings available. We stand by our worm manure as the best, all-natural, organic plant food available, and we’re confident that you and your plants will love the benefits. We offer worm castings at an affordable $30 per 6-litre pail. Contact Soil Kings today at 403-452-LOAM (5626) to learn more about worm castings and to place your order by phone, or buy online today.