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Landscaping with Our Favourite Rock

Landscaping with Our Favourite Rock - Soil Kings - QUALITY BULK LANDSCAPE SUPPLIES

If you search the internet, it’s not hard to find hundreds of ideas for using rock in your landscaping. For those of us in the Calgary area, incorporating more rock and less grass into our yards just makes sense. Our weather jumps around like a yo-yo, and we rarely get enough rain to keep grass looking lush and green without a lot of watering. Add in the mowing, and a large lawn can start to look like a real headache. Luckily for you, there are plenty of great reasons to utilize decorative rock in your landscaping. Even better, throughout July, all decorative rock at Soil Kings is on sale for 10% off!

Replace Mulch.

There are plenty of great reasons you should be using mulch in your garden and flower beds. We stand by what we’ve said previously, and around your plants, mulch is definitely a fantastic option. But in other areas of your yard, rock above a weed barrier can be the better choice. Like mulch, rock will help to control weeds. But it won’t slowly compost, so it doesn’t need to be topped up every season. Rock is a particularly good option for pathways and anywhere in your yard you want neither grass nor other plants.

Low Maintenance, Container Garden.

If you enjoy the look of barrels, baskets, and vases, you may want to consider a rock garden yard with large hardscape elements full of flowers and other plants. By keeping your plants contained to containers, you’ll greatly reduce the maintenance and watering you’ll need to do. A deep layer of rocks will control the weeds and add necessary colour and contrast to your yard.

Purple Sparkle Rock is one of our favourite options for placing alongside the house, as well as around established trees and shrubs. Ranging from pinks and reds to deep purple, this glittery rock brings vibrant colour to your yard that will never fade. Blend sparkle rock with limestone for an interesting grey-purple combination. Make sure you order the purple spark rock this month on sale for $252 per cubic yard.

Limestone comes in an attractive grey-white colour. Available in a couple different sizes, limestone is one of the most practical and versatile rocks available. In the smaller 10mm size at $117 per cubic yard this July, limestone is a good option for pathways. The larger 20mm size makes a charming decorative rock that adds subtle elegance to your yard at only $108 per cubic yard during our sale. Limestone can also be used in flower beds.

Alberta Rainbow Rock is the perfect aggregate anywhere you need a little burst of colour. Naturally round, Alberta Rainbow rock offers eye catching blues, reds, and greens that are even brighter when wet. Because of this, we recommend Alberta Rainbow for any water features. It’s also a great choice for decorating beside your house, at $99 per cubic yard for the 20mm and $126 per cubic yard for the 40mm, there has never been a better time to try it.

We have even more decorative rocks at incredible prices this July! With so many aggregates to choose from, the options are endless as you dream up your new rock garden or other landscaping project. If you’d like to take a look at any of our products or need help choosing the rock you might like, we welcome you to come down to our location at 71 Technology Way SE. Make sure you order before the sale ends July 31st!