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Screened Loam or Garden Mix?

Screened Loam or Garden Mix? - Soil Kings - QUALITY BULK LANDSCAPE SUPPLIES

For many Calgary homeowners, their garden and flower beds are their pride. They spend long hours carefully keeping their yards pristine, and that means providing plants with only the best top soil, composts, and mulch. Similarly, we know that landscapers throughout Alberta want to craft beautiful yards using superior soil to ensure their hard work is appreciated and the plants they choose thrive despite Alberta’s harsh climate.

Whether it’s time to top up a garden or flower bed or create a new one, we invite you to consider choosing our high-quality screened loam and garden mixes available in Calgary.

7030 Garden Mix.

This simple garden mix is nothing less than exceptional. It blends our tightly-screened topsoil with our organic, aged compost. Once thoroughly mixed, we screen the garden mix a second time to create an extremely fine, nutrient-packed garden mix with little debris or lumps. This double screened, fertilized garden mix is perfect for any garden or flower bed. Our organic compost is made from City of Calgary compost, which cuts down on acidity while offering optimal nutrient value. It’s a bargain at $35 per cubic yard.

Screened Loam.

Ideal for yards and a good budget option for gardens, we offer Calgary and area the tightest screened loam available in this part of Alberta. While our competitors use larger, 5/8″ screens, we screen our raw loam through a 1/2″ (12 mm) screen which removes the majority of debris. This finely screened top soil is easy to use, and we know you’ll love it in your lawn or your garden. Screened loam is only $12 per cubic yard.

KINGS Premium Garden Mix.

As one of the best premium garden mixes available in the Calgary area, this special blend of screened loam, fine mulch, and compost can make any garden or flower bed happy. We’re proud to say we’ve expertly tweaked this soil over numerous years to create the perfect garden mix that enriches your flower beds and encourages healthier, more vigorous plant growth.

The fine mulch greatly increases the water-holding capacity, aeration, and drainage of the KINGS Premium garden mix. This leads to better moisture availability for your plants, which is important in the late summer when much of the Calgary area dries up. We recommend this garden mix creating new gardens (or reviving old ones), and when planting trees and shrubs. Our KINGS Premium garden mix is an affordable garden luxury at just $50 per cubic yard.

When it comes to choosing between screened loam or one of our garden mixes, here are a few things to keep in mind. For a full lawn, screened loam is going to be the most affordable option. But you may consider supplementing with a little KINGS premium garden mix for top dressing. For flower beds or gardens, KINGS premium is the obvious, superior option, but our 7030 garden mix also offers great results for smaller budgets.

Ready to order bulk topsoil or garden mix? Our bulk system and flat delivery fee helps you save money. Compare how much you save by ordering bulk through Soil Kings, then place your order online or by phone at 403-452-LOAM (5626) to schedule your next day delivery!