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Reasons Why Your Yard Needs Mulch

Reasons Why Your Yard Needs Mulch

Do you ever wonder why so many green spaces in Calgary cover the top of soil beds with pieces of bark? It’s actually called mulch, and there’s many reasons why Calgary green spaces should use it to help plants grow!

Keeping it Fresh: Firstly, it helps conserve the moisture of soil. Mulch helps prevent natural evaporation caused by heat and sunlight. By leaving a top layer of mulch in a garden area, moisture is trapped inside the soil and doesn’t escape in Calgary’s naturally dry climate. Since Calgary’s weather fluctuates so much, it’s good to have a little protection that keeps a consistent environment for plants to thrive in.

Taking Tips From Nature: This simulates an environment that would be normal for natural growth in a forest. In the life cycle of a forest floor, the debris from trees decomposes and provides nutrients to the earth as it becomes part of fresh soil. By adding mulch, we improve the fertility of plants, and you’ll actually see a greater harvest or bloom of your flowers or vegetables.

A Plant Shield: The mulch also helps to protect soil from being embedded with airborne weeds in the area. This is especially helpful in the early life stages of a plant or tree where they are particularly prone to the roots of weeds affecting their growth. A plant shield — how fantastic!

So if you didn’t think much of mulch before, consider it essential for your next landscaping project, and be sure to contact Soil Kings when it comes time to have it picked up or delivered to a Calgary area location. We also have an amazing sale on until the end of October where all mulch is $40! Call us today at 403-452-5626.