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Buy Bulk and Save Big!

Buy Bulk and Save Big! - Soil Kings - Landscape Supplies Calgary

One question we hear over and over again is, “How does buying bulk through Soil Kings help me save money?” It’s a valid question, and we think that the answer becomes clear once you’ve done the math. If arithmetic isn’t your idea of fun, you’re in luck — we did it for you.

How the Bag Guys Charge You:

To get started, let’s look at what our competition is doing. The bag guys sell their garden mix by the bag for $149. That $149 includes 1 cubic yard of garden mix and the delivery charge. That may seem like a good deal, and it might make calculating your costs easy. But considering that we sell our KINGS premium garden mix at a cost of $50/cubic yard, where is the huge price discrepancy coming from?

The Bag Guys Charge You a Delivery Fee on Every Bag

If only $50 of every $149 bag goes towards the garden mix itself, that means the remaining $99 is the delivery charge. That price very quickly adds up. If you order 2 cubic yards, you’re still paying a $99 delivery charge per bag or $198 in delivery fees total for both bags even though the Bag Guys only need to stop by your house once! If they’re only driving to your house one time, why is the delivery fee suddenly twice as much? The problem is even more severe for professional landscapers who need large orders of material. If a landscaper orders 12 cubic yards from the Bag Guys, they’ll be paying $149 x 12 bags, or $1788. Of that cost, $1188 is just delivery fees.

That’s not fair.

How Soil Kings Charges You:

Our team has decided to do things differently. We charge our customers a fair price for their material, and if they want their material delivered, we charge a separate flat rate delivery fee based on the quantity ordered. Let’s go back to our examples.

You need 2 cubic yards of KINGS premium garden mix delivered. For the soil, you’ll be charged $50/cubic yard, or $100 for the mix. That amount is less than the maximum of 12 cubic yards for a one-product delivery, so you’re charged the flat delivery fee of $110 within Calgary. Your total for materials and delivery from Soil Kings is $210 (the Bag Guys were charging you $298!). You just saved almost $90 by choosing bulk over the Bag Guys.

For the landscaper who needs 12 cubic yards of garden mix, the savings are even greater. For the soil, you’ll pay $50/cubic yard, or $600. As before, it is just a flat rate one-product delivery of $110 to deliver the 12yds3 within Calgary. The total for materials and delivery from Soil Kings is $710 (the Bag Guys were charging you $1788!). You just saved over a thousand dollars by ordering bulk soil from Soil Kings.

At Soil Kings, we pride ourselves on offering Calgarians superior soil, mulch, and aggregates at a fair price. We don’t think paying a delivery fee on every bag adds up, so we don’t sell materials that way. Order from Soil Kings today online or give us a call at 403-452-LOAM (5626).