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Autumn Landscaping Checklist

Autumn Landscaping Checklist - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscaping Supplies - Featured Image

Winter is coming, and with their yards about to go dormant for several long months, Calgarians are entering the prime time for preparing their lawn and landscaping for success come spring. The cool temperatures trigger grass and other plants to get ready for winter. Above ground growth slows, but root development remains strong as long as soil temperatures remain above 5°C. Here’s what you need to know about taking advantage of this ideal gardening time.



As late summer fades into autumn, it’s important to cut back on fertilizer to prevent perennials wasting energy on leaf production. However as your perennials fall dormant, it’s the perfect time to augment your soil with both a high quality, aged compost and worm castings. In your flower and garden beds, these rich soil products encourage root growth and pack a nutritional punch that helps your perennials to arrive earlier in spring. Topdressing your freshly aerated lawn with a premium garden mix or compost in autumn will also encourage strong grass roots, so your turf greens up earlier once the snow melts and can better outcompete the weeds.


Clean Up.

Calgary yards have the misfortune of looking barren and neglected for much of the winter. To boost your yard’s curb appeal, take some time in fall to remove spent stems, dead branches, and heavy leaf cover. This will protect your plants from snapping under the weight of heavy snow or the force of howling wind. Trimming lifeless tree branches is especially important, as our winter blizzards can rip a large dead branch from a tree and whip it into your house.


Spent annuals should be evicted and tossed in the compost bin. Slugs and snails, which breed in autumn, feed off these dying plants, and you don’t need to encourage them to stick around for spring. Trim down your perennials, so they use their energy on growing roots instead of new foliage.


Beyond improving your plants health, cleaning up gives your yard a tidier, uniform appearance.



One of the best ways to protect your young or delicate trees, safeguard your perennials, and improve your home’s curb appeal is to freshen up your mulch in autumn rather than spring. Mulching is a laborious task, so it’s no wonder many professional landscapers prefer to mulch when the weather is cooler and dry rather than hot and wet.


Further, mulch decomposes. Over the summer, wind, rain, and natural decomposition can leave your mulch uneven and some of your plants vulnerable to rapid temperature changes. Mulching in fall ensures you have an even blanket of insulation, so your soil cools evenly as we move into winter, and your plants are safe despite yo-yoing temperatures.


Finally, mulch brings much needed colour and texture to your yard over the winter. Mulch is the perfect complement to conifers for crafting a beautiful winter wonderland that will leave your neighbours envious.


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