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How to Keep the Life in Your Garden Through July and August

How to Keep the Life in Your Garden Through July and August - Soil Kings - Soil Products in Calgary

July and August tend to be really dry months, which can be hard on your landscape, so we have some tips to keep the moisture in the ground this summer.

Rain Barrels

In Calgary’s dry climate it’s always worth finding ways to capture and make the most out of water we already receive rather than using water from the tap. One of the best ways to do this is to create a rain barrel in your garden which will collect rainwater and repurpose it for your garden. It can be a bit of a setup, but the cost of a rain barrel can be saved by what you save on your water bill. You’re doing something for the environment and taking strain off of Calgary’s wastewater treatment plant in the process. The only caveat of rain barrels is that they attract mosquitos if not built properly.

Even better than setting up a rain barrel is making sure you have the right products in your yard to retain the moisture in your yard this summer.

Retaining Moisture

Browse our pages online and you’ll see we carry a variety of nutrient rich soils. Our KINGS Premium garden mix, for example, has a fantastic water-holding capability. Not only that, but the mulch we add to the mix provides structure and protection, allowing the soil to retain water.

The best way to start the summer right with a moisture-rich garden is to get a hold of worm castings. Worm castings are a soil amendment made by nature itself through the digestive systems of worms! It is unbelievably porous and able to hold 2-3 times its weight in water. Worm castings are the best type of soil amendment for new seeds in a garden. Use it on top, use it in the middle, use it on the bottom, use it all over! We would recommend using 1 part castings, and 4 parts soil.

Take these tips into consideration as you work on your home garden this summer. We hope we’ve educated you to make choices that save you money and help the environment. Remember we great prices on your bulk purchases from us and we deliver all over the Calgary area – bag-free! We hope to hear from you soon at 403-452-LOAM (5626)!