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Common Landscaping Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

Common Landscaping Mistakes (and How to Fix Them) - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscaping Supplies - Featured Image

At Soil Kings were proud of the relationships we’ve fostered with professional Calgary landscapers. From our same day pick up and delivery to our special pricing for local landscapers, we do our best to provide landscaping contractors in the Calgary area with the very best landscaping products and customer service. So it’s not surprising that some of our repeat customers tell us about the many common mistakes they see Calgary homeowners and businesses making over and over again. Now we’re not landscaping contractors, but there are few common landscaping mistakes that we can speak to directly:


Mistake #1: Not Accounting for Soil When Choosing Plants

We’ve talked before about the important physical, chemical, and biological factors that go into great soil. For example, if your soil has uneven particles and poor drainage, your plants simply won’t thrive or grow to their desired height. This leaves Calgary gardeners with two options. They can either choose plants that don’t mind poor drainage, or they can fix their soil. Poor drainage, continuing with our example, is generally fixed by mixing in organic matter, such as compost and extra-fine mulch.


Mistake #2: Failing to Fertilize

When it comes to fertilizing, there are two common mistakes. Either homeowners don’t fertilize at all or they fertilize too much (or incorrectly). Ideally, you’ll want to fertilize at least twice a year. Once in spring and again in fall. At Soil Kings, you’ll find two great, organic fertilizing options to keep your soil nutrient-rich and your plants in great condition. For a basic fertilizer, our aged compost offers wonderfully robust nourishment without the acidity of other composts. If your soil is in distress, worm castings may be a better option. Worm castings are nature’s perfect plant food. They provide 10x the nutrients of regular compost and will not burn even the most delicate plants.


Mistake #3: Skipping Soil Amendments

If you start your gardens with a great soil mix, like our KINGS Premium Garden Mix, you won’t have to worry about soil amendments for at least a couple of years. For everyone else, amending your soil is a necessary part of helping your plants to thrive. To keep your soil productive and your plants growing, you’ll need to mix compost, fine mulch (peat moss also works), and high-quality garden mixes into your existing soil.


Mistake #4: Forgetting the Mulch

Mulching is the absolute best way to control weeds, protect your plants from Calgary’s yo-yo weather, and prevent evaporation — all while providing your plants with slow-release nutrition. Because mulch slowly decays (providing a constant, gradual flow of nutrition into your soil), it needs to be refreshed each year. In general, you’ll want mulch to be spread in a layer that’s  3″ to 4″ thick. Make sure the mulch doesn’t directly touch the bark of your trees or other plant stems.


There are numerous rookie mistakes, like cutting your grass too low (ideally, grass should be cut to two-and-a-half to three inches high, otherwise it can’t photosynthesize effectively) or not considering trees first (they’re not exactly easy to move). Many common landscaping mistakes come down to not planning appropriately. A healthy, sustainable landscape doesn’t appear overnight, and most yards greatly benefit from an expert contractor’s eye on often overlooked considerations, like climate & watering, space & functionality, bugs & wildlife, colours & patterns, and a whole lot more.


Of course, your landscaping doesn’t end the day your contractor finishes. Your soil and mulch will need to be maintained each year, and Soil Kings is here to help. Order the compost, worm castings, mulch, and garden soil blends you need today to help your garden flourish tomorrow.