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3 Tips for Summer Yard Improvement

3 Tips for Summer Yard Improvement - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscaping Supplies - Featured Image

Alberta may be reopening, but many Calgarians are still making the smart move to work from home and spend much of their leisure time in and around their own house. This is why we’re not surprised that we keep hearing from Calgarians who want to know how they can help their yard thrive this summer.


Top Dressing.

We’ve spoken about topdressing before. Applauded by lawn science as one of the best things a homeowner can do to improve the health of their grass, topdressing helps to naturally improve soil quality and lawn quality. For best results, you’ll want to top dress with a premium garden blend or you can mix screened loam and compost yourself at home.


For an extra nutritional punch, consider adding worm castings to the mix. Worm castings (or worm poop) is basically nature’s perfect plant food. It’s an all-natural, organic soil amendment that packs away 10 times the nutrients of regular compost. We recommend blending worm castings into your garden mix at a ratio of about 1 part casting to 4 parts soil for best results.



One of the easiest ways to make your yard instantly more attractive — while also reducing maintenance — is to mulch. Mulch is basically a shield for your soil. It protects your loam and your plants’ roots from extreme temperature swings, helps to maintain just the right moisture level. It also reduces erosion and slowly breaks down to add nutrients to your flower and garden beds. On top of that, a generous layer of mulch placed over a weed barrier will eliminate most weeds. Just cut a hole in the weed barrier where your current plants exist or where you want to plant something new.


Easier Maintenance.

One of the major outdoor chores is mowing the lawn twice (or even three times!) a week. But the right yard improvement project can help make mowing easier. Consider adding a decorative strip of aggregates to visibly separate your lawn from your home, fences, flower beds, etc. By doing this, you won’t have to run the mower right up against your house or fence, which inevitably means having to get out the weed wacker to finish the job. With a rock divider, you’re able to easily mow the edges faster without extra weed whacking.


When it comes to improving your yard, there are a few angles to consider: the health of your lawn, the curb appeal of your landscaping, and the ease of maintenance. We hope that these tips help you address how to improve your yard from all three approaches, leaving you with a healthier, more beautiful yard that’s easier to maintain than ever! Order your top dressing supplies, mulch, and aggregates online from Soil Kings today, and have them delivered contact-free to your door tomorrow.