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What Materials to Use in Veggie Gardens

Materials Veggie Gardens

For those considering expanding their green thumb to its truest potential, there is no better way to experiment, learn and thrive than to tackle a veggie garden. Having a space to grow vegetables not only provides you with seasonal foods but also adds a lush variety of colours and aromas to your outdoor space. However, it’s not as simple as sprinkling a handful of seeds and waiting for the rain to take care of the rest. Like any outdoor project, you need a solid foundation to build on.


First things first, your soil. Take a look at the quantity of materials you require for your space and go from there, then look into nutrient-rich soils that will give your veggies the food they need to thrive. 


When it comes to what soils will work best for you, make sure you inquire as to how they are balanced and what purpose they serve. Luckily, most purpose-built soils will be clearly labelled as a ‘garden mix’. Each mix is balanced differently, so do some careful research into what kind of nutrient balance you’re looking for and how it corresponds to what you are planning on growing. 


On top of that, old stand-bys still reign supreme. So if you’re looking into base topsoil and mixing it with high-quality compost, that should do the trick as well — just be sure that whatever you are growing will like what you’re feeding it. 


Worm castings work the same way and add high-quality enzymes and microbes to your soil, allowing your veggies to grow big and strong. It’s a great, stable system for making sure your veggie garden thrives this season! 

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