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Sand vs Soil: What’s Best for your Project

Sand vs Soil

Any landscape project has its own specific set of parameters to ensure that your vision is brought to life. Like any endeavour, a foundation is required. When it comes to landscaping, the two crucial ways to establish this foundation often take shape in the form of a soil or sand base.

So what works best for you and your ambitions?


The byproduct of minerals, rock and sand comes in a variety of forms and colours. While its use is fairly common for numerous landscaping applications, having a thorough understanding of its application will give you an edge on your next project.

It’s ideal for non-flora-based functions, so if you’re looking to level out a walkway or other stone-based path, sand is perfect as a foundation. It can also be used as a concrete supplement or to make concrete at home, as well as being decorative.


What can be said about soil that isn’t known far and wide? It is a perfect and essential foundation for making a garden thrive. Whatever the composition, whether it be 50/50 garden soil solutions, compost or other mixtures that we offer, soil is the premiere application for letting your plants and vegetables thrive.

Room for Both

When tackling your next landscaping job, take an outside look at what your needs are and incorporate the right materials for the job. If you’re working on a perimeter or walkway, use the right kind of sand and make sure you have the correct amount you need. The same can be said for soil, so make sure you are using the calculator that we provide, so you can make your landscaping dreams a reality.

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