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Ordering Product Online? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Ordering Product Online? Here’s What You Need to Know! - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscape Supplies

Our regular customers love the convenience of ordering our products online and having them delivered the next day. They appreciate that it’s simple to browse through our products and to then buy online without having to come by our location. But for some of the folks who are new to buying soil, mulch, and aggregates in bulk, there are a few questions that often come to mind.

What Is a Cubic Yard?

We’ll be honest, we find it surprising just how often people ask us this question. A cubic yard is a measurement of volume. One yard is .91 metres or 36 inches. (3 feet) A cubic yard measures 1 yard in height, 1 yard in width, and 1 yard in depth. Or 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet.

The average pickup truck will hold one cubic yard. The easy rule of thumb that is often used is that one cubic yard will cover 100 square feet at a depth of three inches. Keeping this in mind (and using our calculator at soilkings.com) will allow you to easily figure out how many cubic yards of material you need. Although that is a common question!

How Many Cubic Yards Do I Need?

Another common question we get is how many yards of product do I need? If you have a measuring tape, this is a pretty easy question to answer as well.

Simply measure the area(s) you need to cover to get your length and width. Then you need to decide how deep to apply the material. But how deep do you need the product?

Mulch: in general, 2 inches is sufficient. 4 inches around new trees is optimal.

Garden Mix: For a new garden or flower bed, you’ll need at least 6 inches of garden mix. 12 inches is better.

Top Dressing a Lawn: 0.5 inches is ideal. No more than 1 inch.

Decorating with Stone: 3 inches should be sufficient. 5 inches is more than enough.

To make things easier, Soil Kings offers an on-site calculator for you to use! All you need is the length, width, and depth, and hit calculate for the amount of cubic yards you need. Note the calculator uses a default of feet for length and width and inches for depth.

If you have more than one area, use the calculator for each area and then add the results to get the total number of cubic yards required.

Can I Get it Delivered? Could I Also Pick it Up?

Yes and yes. We offer delivery for a flat rate of $110 within Calgary. For out of Calgary delivery, additional charges will be applied. Our fleet of 10 delivery trucks allows us to get our orders out on time, often the same day you place your order! However, sometimes we get particularly busy, which is why we guarantee next business day delivery. If you need your order today, give us a call at 403-452-LOAM ext. 1, and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate you! We’re also happy to try and deliver within a 3 hour window of time. Just let us know that it would be best to receive your order between 1pm and 4pm (or another time block while we are open), and we’ll do our best!

If you own your own truck, you’re also more than welcome to pick up your order from our location at 71 Technology Way SE. We’re open every day but Sundays and holidays (or during heavy rainfall). Just bring your truck, and we’ll load your order for you!

At Soil Kings, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality soils, mulches, and aggregates to landscapers and homeowners alike in the Calgary area. If you have any other questions about placing your order, please just give us a call at 403-452-LOAM ext. 1 or talk to our friendly helpers over the livechat at soilkings.com!