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Spring Rules for Mulching Your Garden

Spring Rules for Mulching Your Garden

Spring is a season of renewal, a welcome opportunity to take stock of what you have in terms of landscaping means and what you’ll require in the future.

From the minute the thaw hits, you’re probably going to be planning some big ambitions for your yard or garden. A good way to not get swept up in your task list is to lay out a solid foundation for your goals — and a solid mulch strategy is one of the best ways to get your landscaping needs set for summer.

Benefits of Mulch

Whether you’ve been using mulch for years or are just beginning to consider it for your garden’s needs, there are some crucial factors you should know about the product, and knowing these factors can set you down the path to acquiring the right mulch for your needs.

Your lawn or garden has taken a beating over the winter months, and while no one can snap their fingers and deliver immediate results, setting up a solid foundation that incorporates mulch can ensure positive results for spring and even set your lawn or garden on the path for success for next year.

Mulch should be implemented early in your landscaping season to set up crucial defences for your lawn or garden. It helps prevent unchecked sunlight from reaching the soil’s surface underneath, preventing the emergence of weeds early on. Additionally, as temperatures fluctuate over the Canadian spring, mulch helps keep your soil’s temperature in check, providing warmth when it’s cold and shade when the heat hits.

Right Mulch for the Right Job

We offer a wide variety of mulch products, and much like soil, there is no “one-size-fits-all” mulch. Take a look at your landscaping needs and inquire with our expert staff about what is the right fit for you.

Our Bowcrow Mulch™ is aromatic and perfect for water retention, whereas our Cedar Mulch is a perfect herbicide and has antifungal properties. Don’t make the error of starting your spring landscaping ambitions with the wrong mulch, reach out to our experts today and get started!

Ready to get started on your spring landscaping goals and worried about which mulch is right for you? We’re standing by to give you only the best service by offering bulk mulch services, call 403-452-LOAM today!