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Why Get Soil, Mulch, or Aggregate?

Why Get Soil, Mulch, or Aggregate? - Soil Kings - Soil Products in Calgary

At Soil Kings, we have one of the largest lines of soil, aggregate, and mulch products in Calgary! Learn how to make the most of the soil you choose for your garden with this information on how it will help your garden in the long term.

Soil comes in a diverse assortment, each one providing a different type of “nutrition” for your garden or yard. By browsing our soil products page, you will see we have a variety of soil and garden mixes available, each with a different use or benefit. In general, the softer your soil, the softer your roots can grow. This is especially pertinent to root vegetables which, in soft soil, can grow softer, more peelable skins on the outside. If your garden bed isn’t deep enough or too firm, roots cannot find their way deep into the ground and root vegetables may not grow properly.

Mulch is the protector of your garden soil. It should be placed around the edges of trees, or in areas where you don’t want plants to be stepped on, or for the soil surrounding them to blow away. It’s your shield. It’s a protector. But the type of mulch you choose in the short term can affect the long term growth of your garden. The nutrients in your mulch now will eventually become the nutrients of your future plants and feed into what you grow. Browse our mulch products page and see the six types of mulch we carry. Most of our mulch is made from shredded tree fibers, making it pH balanced, which is great for more sensitive plants and keeping your garden moist.

Aggregates are a great way to make a landscape look lovely and well-kept with very minimal effort. Did you know that even aggregates can impact the nutrition of your soil? It’s true. Depending on the aggregate you choose, you will be feeding your future soil when minerals eroded by rain or snow melt into the soil. Consider what minerals are in the aggregate you choose and, if you have an acidic soil, using an alkaline stone like limestone will help neutralise your soil.

What seems like a simple choice actually involves a lot of thought, so contact us if you have any questions about our products. Call us at 403-452-LOAM (5626).