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Types of Mulch and Their Benefits

Types of Mulch

Mulches are a crucial building block for any landscaping project and as with any mulch, their makeup is made up of a wide variety of materials that each have their own purpose-built applications. With our options, you have access to the types of mulch you require to get your outdoor projects up to speed in no time. 


The looming decision is of course where to start and how to do it? That’s where our team comes in. We have a robust knowledge of all of our landscaping materials and understand how they can work for you and your outdoor needs. 


Mulch is a perfect layer of defence for your soil while also being a massive aromatic and aesthetic bonus for your garden. The primary goal when looking at your landscaping ambitions is to take stock of what you need for your garden. Looking for something that can do it all, retain moisture, reduce water consumption, and can withstand those hot Alberta summers? That’s where something like our Bowcrow Mulch™, made from a combination of shredded pine and spruce bark, comes in. It’s as versatile as it is readily available and perfect for new outdoor projects! 


What about something that bolsters as much flair as it does benefits? Take a look at our cedar mulch. This eye-popping material has countless benefits such as wind resistance as well as antifungal properties that can control weed and mushroom growth. 


Looking for something in the more aesthetic realm? Our red and black mulches maintain a deep and robust colouration, while still adhering to your soil’s moisture needs, we also have more task-oriented mulches such as our Parkland Premium Plus mulch, which serves as a wonderful aromatic addition as well as a perfect moisture retainer.


These are just a few of the robust mulches we have on offer, and whether your project is big or small, our team is always ready to help you lay your foundation.


Looking to make your outdoor space the standout space in your neighbourhood? Trust us to be there for you and visit soilkings.com to get all of the necessary mulch supplies to make your garden flourish.