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Forward Mulch!

Forward Mulch! - Soil Kings - Bulk Landscape Supplies Calgary

When Calgary landscapers and homeowners think about mulch, it’s usually in reference to spring time. But lately, we’ve been getting more and more orders for mulch in fall. Obviously, we think this is great news, but here are a few reasons you might also want to place an order for one of Soil King’s organic mulches before the snow arrives.


Not Mulch Else to Do.

Come spring, gardeners and landscapers are scrambling to get as much work done as quickly as possible. In autumn, there isn’t much to do besides cutting back perennials, cleaning out flower beds, getting in some last-minute weeding, and winterizing any fragile trees or plants. Take this time to move up chores, like mulching, that don’t need to be done in the spring. Mulching can also be a laborious task; many landscapers prefer to mulch in autumn when the temperatures are a bit cooler, and they don’t need to carefully mulch around sprouting tulips.


Protect Your Dormant Plants.

We don’t need to tell you that Calgary’s climate is a little crazy. We can have lows of -35C followed by highs of +10C, but while Calgarians may enjoy that winter relief, our trees do not. Chinooks and otherwise yo-yoing winter temperatures, can cause the soil to freeze and thaw, injuring trees and other plants. A generous layer of mulch (about 3-4 inches deep works well) can limit the harm caused by rapidly changing temperatures. We recommend creating a circle of mulch around your trees with a diameter of at least 5 feet. Mulch insulates the soil, so that the sudden weather shifts have less impact and soil temperatures stay consistent.


Topping up mulch in fall will also keep your soil warmer for longer, this means helpful organisms, like earthworms, can be active in your yard for an extra couple weeks or maybe even an extra month. These critters improve your soil quality and help your plants thrive come spring.


Improve Your Yard’s Look.

Over winter, Calgary yards can look a little unappealing. It’s simply harder to cultivate a beautiful landscape when everything is dead. Freshening up your mulch in fall can bring some much needed texture, colour, and uniformity to a yard that is otherwise a bit barren. The new mulch gives your flower beds a maintained, well-cared for look, which greatly improves the cold weather curb appeal of your home.


Mulching is hard work, and if it’s done incorrectly, it can cause severe damage to your trees and lead to the spread of plant diseases. Make sure that the mulch around your trees forms an almost doughnut like shape, so no mulch is up against the bark of your trees. If you’re not sure how to safely use mulch to protect your trees and plants, speak with a professional landscaper or ask one of the landscaping material experts at Soil Kings. We’d be happy to answer your questions, recommend the best all natural mulches for your yard, and help you place your order for delivery.


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