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Why Soil Kings is Easy to Order From During COVID-19

With the coronavirus running rampant, it can feel like the entire city is stuck on lock down. Which is why we want to remind Calgarians that, while the Garden Show (and everything else) may have been cancelled, the great outdoors hasn’t been. You still can—and should—spend time outside in your own yard. After all, you can’t catch COVID-19 from the dandelions. 

In fact, spending time outdoors playing in the dirt beneath the warm sunshine may be the very best thing you can do to pass the time during these difficult months of mandatory self isolation and social distancing. It’s important to still be able to keep up our spirits in whatever ways we can, including enjoying the good weather.

Finally,  one of the best ways to counter boredom and a general sense of malaise is to have a clear goal to work on. So if you should be spending time in your yard enjoying the sun and dirt anyways, you might as well get that landscaping project you’ve been thinking about for the past however long started. 

Social Distancing Approved Landscaping Supplies from Soil Kings

We’ve said for years that Soil Kings is one of the easiest landscape supply companies in Calgary to order and receive your materials from. We offer online and phone ordering, so there is no need to meet with anyone in person. 

Contact Free Delivery. Once you’ve placed your order, you can clearly mark where on your property you want our drivers to dump your soil, mulch, and aggregates. There is no need for you to meet or interact with the driver; just let us know where you want your landscaping materials, and we’ll leave it there.

Outdoor Pick Up. Our location is huge, so we’ll continue to offer order pick up this summer. When you arrive to pick up your order, our loader operator will put the material into your truck. This all happens in our spacious, outdoor yard, so there’s no need to go near anybody. Our team at Soil Kings have also taken further measures to have our office wiped down and cleaned regularly, with hand sanitizer available on-site as well. You can pay via e-transfer if you would like to have a complete contactless experience.

At Soil Kings, we can’t overstate how happy we are that spring is here. Things feel crazy right now, but the snow is still melting, and the flowers are still blooming, and there’s a wonderful certainty in that. Just as winter departs and spring arrives, we know that this too will pass. But until it does, you can get your yard just perfect with soils, mulches, and aggregates from Soil Kings as we are open for the 2020 season for both pickup and delivery orders!